Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The last issue of Superior Foes of Spider-Man came out a couple of weeks back, but I have to say I'm still digesting it. There's a bit of a new status quo that may or may not be followed up on; but even if it's not, it wouldn't take away from the book. I've already heard one person say, Sony should consider a Superior Foes movie instead of a Sinister Six...

Is this the first strip here with the Constrictor? Man, his tentacle-whip things are kind of useless. It's definitely the first strip for Wolvie's kid Daken, since I got him on the cheap earlier this year, yet hadn't bothered to open him yet. Will he turn up again? Enh...
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Taking a couple days.

Sam, my dog and my friend for over 11 years, died last week after a brief illness. He had been on antibiotics, but seemed to just give up eating. I was there for him in the end, but it was rough.

I had to have him cremated, since I'm not going to be able to have him buried right away. But I think I might have to get these two pictures of him printed and framed for a little memorial for him. (That and the dog hair I'll have forever!) Sam was with me for years, longer than this blog, and was there for me when I had no one. He will be missed--I keep thinking I have to let him out, and probably will for a while.

The regular weekly strip will post Wednesday, and hopefully I'll have something else later this week.
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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Now, if I find the ones I already bought...

The local comic shop knows if they put a full run of a limited series in the dollar bin, I'll usually grab it right up. But every once in a while other stores come through, too; although now I think I should have a tag for when I buy an issue I already have because it's right there and it's easier than trying to find it. But this was still cheaper than the trade: from 2008, Batman Confidential #17-21, "The Cat and the Bat" Written by Fabian Nicieza, art by Kevin Maguire.

This was a five issue arc, billed as the first meeting of Catwoman and Batgirl. As Barbara Gordon, Batgirl borrows a notebook of her dad's, Commissioner Gordon; which Catwoman promptly steals. Batgirl had been trying to figure out the coded notes in order to see if Gordon knew anything about Batman's secret identity, but hadn't been able to crack it, so it could be anything. After a chase sequence running a couple of issues and through a nudist club, Catwoman explains she needs the notebook to save a life, and they team-up against the Russian mob; which has brought a big-name Batman villain in to decipher the code. Eventually Batman shows up, not super-impressed with the whole thing.

I think I actually bought the third and fourth issues a couple of weeks back, and had the fifth one somewhere...but it's nicer to have them all together at once. Grabbed all five at a Hastings for ninety-nine cents an issue, and a steal at that price!
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Glom onto something."

I actually messed up on the first panel, right out of the gate; which is surprising since it's appallingly labor intensive to fill in the yellow balloons. Like breaking rocks.

Glom is Glomulus, a rather good-sized pack-in with the Larfleeze DC Universe Action League. I kind of thought Glomulus might've been packed in with the larger DC Universe figure, but he appears to be unique here. And finding him led to the usual sci-fi energy-draining alien storyline! Yay! Now if Kurt and Pool could figure their way out of it...

POOL: You take care of that last ship?
KURT: Yeah, we got it. You get the boarders?

POOL: Yeah.
KURT: As usual, I already regret asking, but...what?

POOL: Ah, it was just a little disappointing.
POOL: I thought it was going to be a cool, zero-g shootout; but they were using magnetic boots. And I thought the blood would go splurting out of them in cool blobs, but it either cauterized or froze.

KURT: Star Trek VI?
POOL: Yeah.
POOL: Plus, the last one got a lucky shot and blew out my helmet, and my eyes froze before I got back in. Not super-comfortable, healing factor or no.

POOL: Anyway, Amy? There's a bunch of bodies in sector six or whatever, stuck to the floor by their boots. Probably a lotta frozen blood, too.
AMY: I'll take care of it, sure--

AMY: HOLY ####!
KURT: What is that?

POOL: Oh, him? Yeah, he followed me back. Some kind of space ghost. Well, not like Space Ghost, but you know what I mean. I don't think it came with the boarders...he might be from outside.

POOL: Anyway, I call him Carl. He looks like a Carl, don't you think?
KURT: He looks dangerous. That thing can't be safe.

POOL: Nah, he's like Slimer, man. Harmless and cute comedy relief. We could do with some, y'ask me.
AMY: Um, well, its an energy being. Non-biological. So that aspect is safe...

AMY: ...except it would almost certainly drain energy from the drives.
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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Cool cover on this one, though.

We took a day off yesterday, and we're just taking a quick one today: from 1977, Wonder Woman #233, "Seadeath!" Written by Gerry Conway, pencils by Don Heck, inks by Vince Colletta.

This issue was set in World War II, and opens with Wonder Woman beating up a batch of German saboteurs, one of whom under the golden lasso tells Wondy their contact was code-named "Armageddon." Later, after a merchant marine ship is destroyed by whales, a U-boat machine-guns the survivors, and Wondy's invisible jet is swamped by a school of flying fish. (Are flying fish anything like they were portrayed in old comics like Aquaman? Short answer? Noooooooo.) Captured by the U-boat, W

Captured by the U-boat, Wonder Woman is tied to an anchor and shot out a torpedo tube, but then gets free and does a pretty good job of smashing up the U-boat, before she's attacked by a monstrous, leviathan of a sea creature. Who is controlling the whales and the monster? Are they connected to "Armageddon"? What about the wounded Steve Trevor, captured by men working for Armageddon? Well, like I've mentioned before, I'm not sure I have two issues of Wonder Woman in a row, so it might be a while before we see!
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Friday, December 05, 2014

The cards never lie, but I apparently might...

I was going to continue my completely random totally planned week of comics featuring Tarot cards with two issues, and one of them features instead of Tarot cards, a less...traditional fortune-telling tool on the cover: "The litter never lies...your fate is sealed!"

From 1997, Major Bummer #3, "Alone Against the Other Guys!" Written by John Arcudi, pencils by Doug Mahnke, inks by Tom Nguyen. The alien "grad students" that gave Lou Martin superpowers (by mistake...) give more powers to a batch of thugs and their loquacious mugger, because their grad thesis is apparently let's you and them fight! Actually, the aliens mostly just want to see Lou get his ass beat; with mixed results since the assorted thugs are generally as incompetent as everyone else here.

Lou tries to get out of it, but ends up in a fight scene with his wannabe superhero friends. They win when the villains accidentally create a sinkhole, but they'll be back.

Alright, no Tarot cards this issue, so how about this one? From 2005, Nightcrawler #8, "The Winding Way, part 2 of 5: Dark Carnival" Written by Roberto Acuirre-Sacasa, pencils by Darick Robertson, inks by Jimmy Palmiotti.

After surviving an attack by Vermin, and a bunch of hallucinations; Nightcrawler (with love-interest-that-really-didn't-go-anywhere Nurse Christine and here-for-sales Wolverine) goes to Germany, where weird happenings are maybe starting, after a bunch of flashbacks.

Kurt remembers his childhood in the circus, discovering his adopted-mom Margali was training as a sorceress, his adopted brother Stephen was worried about turning evil, and his adopted sister Jimaine (or Amanda) was looking hot. Good times. But no Tarot cards in this actual issue! See, that's why I do this stuff randomly...
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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Continuing an unintended theme, more Tarot cards...

We've mentioned the A.B.C. Warriors before, and I continue to randomly stumble into non-sequential reprints of the robots. Today's story (Script by Pat Mills, art by Kevin O'Neill) was reprinted in 1987's Quality Comics Rogue Trooper #5, but mentions the next chapter would appear in an entirely different title, Sam Slade #6! Crap, I actually think I have has a short Alan Moore/Steve Dillon story that I don't think was very good.

This episode introduces Deadlock, Grand Wizard (an unfortunate title...) of the Knights Martial; robots with strange powers and disciplines that A.B.C. Warrior Hammerstein describes as "making the rest of us look like Robbie the Robot!" Who also had a lot of weird powers, if I remember Forbidden Planet correctly...Deadlock tells Hammerstein that he foresaw his coming in the Tarot cards, and will join him, if Hammerstein can defeat him in a tournament. The next issue blurb teases "the secret powers of Deadlock!" so I'm guessing it wasn't gonna be a walk in the park.

Well, now if I can find another random issue with Tarot cards for the week...

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