Thursday, May 26, 2016

When going undercover, it does help to commit to the role...

Today, one of the books on my comicon bingo card: from 1977, Secret Society of Super-Villains #10, "Triumph and Treachery" Written by Gerry Conway, pencils by Dick Ayers, inks by Jack Abel. And the cover promptly fell off of this one...

Tying into the Atom's Super-Team Family story, this issue the Creeper and Star Sapphire kidnap the unstable super-powered Jean Loring. The Creeper had been mistaken for a villain, and only joined the Society to try and figure out who was giving Funky Flashman his orders, yet still helps kidnap Jean, and doesn't seem to give it a second thought later! Captain Comet tries to stop Gorilla Grodd and the Wizard from stealing another of the Sorcerer's Treasures, the Invisibility Cloak, and gets beat down. Seeing that, the Trickster decides to opt out of any more work with the Society: they play too rough! This was something this title did often, rotating villains in and out of the book. It's something that should happen more in villain-centric books, but I'm never sure if this was by accident or design here.

Comet catches up to the Society as they gather all three of the Sorcerer's Treasures; which Comet mentions had been thrown into orbit by Superman, yet drifted back to earth later, which seems weird for a cloak...While they fight, Creeper notices Funky Flashman swiping the treasures, and follows him to a bus terminal. Funky puts them in a locker, then drops the key; and the Creeper changes back to Jack Ryder and catches Funky's contact...the Wizard? In jail, the Wizard protests that he was merely a hired hand, but we saw before being arrested was part of his plan all along. Meanwhile, Funky Flashman returns to the Society's Secret Citadel, where Grodd reveals another new lineup for the Society!

With the rotating cast, it seems like it would be a lot of fun to write Secret Society of Super-Villains...I don't know if I'd use Funky Flashman, but still.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I'm sure Misty wouldn't usually rush headlong into a situation like that, except I don't think she thinks much of Pool. Also, there's no fire escape on Pool and Kurt's building, since Kurt removed it in the second episode, over eight years ago! (Actually, they aren't in the same building anymore, since it was blown up!)

We saw that new status/origin for Thundra the other day; but I had thought in her old appearances, her world's battle of the sexes had as much as been won by women, and men were considered "the weaker sex." They may or may not have been considered second-class citizens (or worse) but Thundra is acting like they are now.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This panel might not be a non sequitur, if you have the previous issues...

From 1995, Justice League Task Force #19, "Savage Legacy, part III: Inquisition" Written by Mark Waid & Priest, pencils by Sal Velluto, inks by Mark McKenna.

The cover blurb is "The Enigmatic Savage," and since Legends of Tomorrow is getting ready to finish its season, I grabbed this issue up. Vandal Savage had enlisted the JLTF to investigate the theft of a list of his descendants: Savage would use them as unwilling organ donors whenever he needed a replacement to maintain his immortality. Whoever stole that list was killing Savage's descendants, presumably in the hopes of eventually killing Savage; but that list was potentially millions of lives.

The Task Force era's only big name was J'onn J'onnz; with Gypsy, Triumph, the Ray, and L-Ron the robot in Despero's body making up the team. Already there were hints that L-Ron might be losing control of the alien tyrant, and Triumph and Ray let some mysterious hoverbike goons think they're working with Savage, even if they don't seem to agree if Savage is a master planner or a dumb caveman. Meanwhile, one of Savage's goons (or a turncoat) stalks Gypsy, since he may have figured out her invisibility power. While J'onn works the case like a detective, the power source of Savage's palace is sabotaged, by the aforementioned goon, whom Savage kills before he can undo his work!
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Monday, May 23, 2016

"The Stars My Aggravation."

Ten years of this blog, and over two of them have been this "Pool 'n Kurt in Space" storyline! Here's a huge chunk of it after the break to clog up your browser!

I still have the last two chapters of this finished: I keep having to move them further down the schedule. The "B-plot" with Black Cat and Satana staying at, and occasionally trashing, the guys' apartment; has continued to grow. Especially as I randomly pick up figures and set pieces for it! Maybe we'll wrap it up this year, but no promises.

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