Friday, March 27, 2015

"Bulletproof Robin."

Has Damian lost his powers yet? I haven't been keeping up, but that seems like one of DC's few books that inexplicably may have lighter moments. Somehow.

I also didn't really pay attention to the Captain Marvel/Shazam reboot, except that I think they made Billy Batson a little older and more jaded, less wide-eyed innocent, more mouthy; which is doubtless more realistic, which is of course what you expect in your comics about a boy getting the powers of various mythological figures from a wizard. Billy is probably supposed to be older than Damian, but would probably still be impressed by him.
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Reinforcements! Or replacements. Either or.

Over on Twitter, gave the head's up on Hasbro Toy Shop selling Star Wars Black six-inch Stormtroopers for $10 on eBay! That's half-off, but I showed a little restraint and only got two, partially because I figured Han and Luke in Stormtrooper disguise would further fill out the ranks. Still, over the course of a few days, I believe Hasbro sold over two thousand Troopers!

Then I had to spend some time searching my records, since I had three prior, but only logged two in last year's Year in Toys! Senile old goat...

I'm not getting every Star Wars Black offering, but I'm dying to get Bossk and IG-88. When are they showing up? I couldn't even hazard a guess. The aforementioned Twitter has been killing me, since I see a lot of people playing with figures I haven't seen hide nor hair of locally. Everything will probably turn up eventually, but I want them now, damnit!

Well, maybe in a bit. I'm having some fun now now.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Our alien world is merely changing the color of the backdrop, which actually did unexpected things to the lighting. I still have it up (or did when I wrote this part!) so when I enter the room the orange is still unexpected. The only other set dressing are the old Hydra soldiers, and I'm pretty sure I bought my whole Hydra army for cheaper than what it's going for on Amazon now.

The newer Captain America Marvel Legends: Agent of Hydra looks far more sophisticated compared to the old guys, though. Which is why he's their leader, which works out because the new one only came with one head style, and I don't have high hopes of getting more of him on the cheap.

I think a cruise ship can carry something like a quarter of a million gallons of water; or at least that's what I thought Google said when I was trying to come up with a number. Would Deadpool's ship use water for anything besides drinking, showers, the jacuzzi? And I just thought of Pool's jacuzzi and my tummy went all rumbly. That would be like cancer soup...maybe all that water has to go to the engine room, like the last couple Star Trek movies. I swear they have boilers down there, it's steam-warp drive.

The word "fetch" appears courtesy of Mean Girls, all rights reserved.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Batman is not putting up with your Lois Lane-style tomfoolery.

This was rather an odd story for the animated continuity, since it doesn't feature a major villain: it could just as easily have been done as a regular Batman story with more traditional art than the animated style. But why? Now I'm having a hard time thinking of Batman stories that wouldn't be better animated style. Well, let's just take a look at 2002's Batman: Gotham Adventures #54, "Masterwork" Written by Scott Peterson, pencils by Tim Levins, inks by Terry Beatty.

Working the case of stolen, priceless manuscripts at the Gotham Library (which should probably be a case for Batgirl...because she was a librarian on the TV show, silly.) Batman meets writer journalist utter hack Mel Staines, who is working on the story for newspaper the Gothamite. Batman warns her off contaminating a crime scene by digging around, but Staines claims to know "the criminal is a master of arcane fighting styles!" She tries to use that knowledge to get Bats to take her with, but he doesn't bite.

At a gallery break-in, the security guards give Batman the hassle, and after a stray bullet nearly hits Robin, Batman beats them pretty soundly before finding Staines there again. Still, by this point Batman has the case all figured out: the Riddler, of course...

...not! Batman lied, to get Staines to tip her hand, and catches her trying to make off with a manuscript of Catcher in the Rye. (Is there a manuscript of that extant?) Still, Staines isn't going to go quietly, and attacks Batman with a chain-knife combo! Her attack may hurt her worse than Batman, though, as she first destroys her hard drive and her un-backed-up novel; then slips on one of her own cover stories and knocks herself out! At first glance, it looked like she very easily could be dead; but that's a hair dark for this book. (Where Staines picked up her fighting skills isn't mentioned, but I think the League of Assassins weighed heavily on the early issues of this series, and I could see her joining the League with the intent of writing a tell-all later. Maybe a how-to. She did seem more adept as a fighter than a writer, though.)

Batman finds the manuscripts Staines stole...vandalized, torn up and covered with paint. "You might say I made my mark on all of them." In Arkham, Batman tells her the vandalism may be remembered, but her writing "will never be more than a footnote." Ow. I always kinda suspected Batman does that with most of the criminals he puts away: taking a moment to tell them they suck, so they'll almost certainly re-offend...I also reckon Bats uses that "Riddler did it" trick a lot too: "Riddler? Like hell! It was me! ME!...oh, damn it."
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Monday, March 23, 2015

I loved Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and have been re-watching the series on Netflix this week. (With a break right now to watch Batman: the Brave and the Bold before that comes off Netflix the end of the month...) So, a good time to blog this issue, with a cover homage to Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Marvel Adventures: Avengers #13, "Attack of the 50 Foot Girl!" Written by Jeff Parker, pencils by Leonard Kirk, inks by Terry Pallot.

In this version of the team, Janet Van Dyne is Giant-Girl instead of the Wasp, but this issue she falls under the control of old-school Hulk villain Psyklop! His insectoid army is rising from beneath the surface, intent on returning to the world and maybe eating a human or two. Giant-Girl keeps falling under Psyklop's control, though, because she's still using an old version of her costume, and the Avengers visit Hank Pym for help.

After stepping on Wolverine, he uses his claws to give Giant-Girl a jab in the foot, so she climbs the Empire State Building and throws Wolvie away! He accidentally unmasks her while trying to get free, too; but Jan never seems too concerned about her identity in any continuity. Pym helps out with his Ant-Man helmet, but his boss Vernon Van Dyne won't let him out of work to be a super-hero. Yet.

Man, Psyklop could use a Marvel Legend. Creepy bug, worships ancient evil monster gods, co-created by Harlan Ellison? Pedigree should get him somewhere.
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Friday, March 20, 2015

"The Stabbiest Robin."

Hadn't picked anything up for a couple of weeks, so I got the DC Collectibles Son of Batman: Robin figure, from the recent animated movie that I haven't seen yet. Come to think of it, I may not have even read a lot of comics with Damian Wayne (and I'm going to misspell Damian about every other time...) but I like the idea of the character. How old is he supposed to be now? And I don't think the powers he picked up in his recent resurrection are going to stick, but still fun.

He is kind of a tiny figure for the price, though. Could've used another accessory or unmasked head or some damn thing...
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

I hope to be this stoic. No promises, though.

Off to the dentist today! What could be more fun?...ah, it gets me off work an hour early, so there's that. (Cover from 1974's Action Comics #434, "The Krypton Connection!" Cover art by Nick Cardy.)

And what could be better than Marathon Man references? I don't think kids got those during Clerks: the Animated Series either, but maybe 1997's Major Bummer #2 did better. (Cover by Doug Mahnke and John Dell.)

And I uploaded the cover for Futurama #74 to the GCD, because it's pretty sweet; and for good measure Fry's off to the dentist as well! We'll see if the dynamite sounds like a better idea later...("What The What If?" Written by Ian Boothby, pencils by James Lloyd, inks by Andrew Pepoy.)
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