Friday, May 06, 2016


Recently, after years of working various early morning shifts; my schedule has changed to something more resembling the nine-to-five most people face. And it has been...challenging. Is that the word we use, when we mean "it's horrible and I wish it would stop"? I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually and I am enjoying the time to run in the morning, but it's like I'm facing traffic both ways for the first time in ever. (At the early hours, there was remarkably little traffic, and it's awesome. Go everywhere you can at like five in the morning.) This morning, there was a remarkably large turkey crossing four lanes of traffic--not a metaphor, the actual bird! I don't know what was up with that, but rather surprisingly it made it across. Hopefully it didn't try to go back...

Anyway, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! I'll be checking out my local Comic Book Shop, especially since I need to get the new Hellboy in Hell and the most recent Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye. Then, I have to hit up a Hastings: they've got another used graphic novel sale, and I need to get Babylon 5: Season Two. Got One and Five last week, which I may not have seen all of prior; and thought I had Two but was wrong.

Toys R Us has a Lego Millennium Falcon giveaway Saturday as well; the Youngest is still young enough that he can get in on that, and he may want some Angry Birds stuff as well. Then, mid-afternoon we've got tickets for Captain America: Civil War, thanks to Skittles of all things. I really do like the promos like that: buy a batch of such-and-such, get a movie ticket, sold.

The rest of today seems extra-drudgery in comparison, but I'm glad to have Sunday to recover after all that! Don't forget to call your moms, and have a good weekend!

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Thursday, May 05, 2016

For the 2008 Hulk movie, why not a Thundra relaunch tie-in thing?

Marvel Legends has been on a tear lately, with series after series hitting shelves; but around Hasbro's fourth series, the Hit-Monkey wave, they were having trouble getting variants out. Red She-Hulk went on sale, but the variant Lyra still hasn't to date. Weirdly, her mom got a figure since then: Thundra!

From 2008, Hulk: Raging Thunder, "Unbeatable" Story by Jeff Parker, art by Mitch Breitweiser. I'm not sure if this is Lyra's first appearance, but it's her origin; as well as a bit of recap and reset for Thundra. From a possible future where the figurative "battle of the sexes" has long since escalated to literal tooth-and-nail warfare; Thundra is the mightiest woman ever...but knows she won't be around to defend her people forever. Travelling back into the past again, Thundra spars with the Hulk, in order to harvest some epithelial cells; which she uses to become "the first woman in four generations to become pregnant." Twenty years later, Lyra narrates that while her mother may have lost a step, she could still defend while Lyra took the offensive to the men.

This issue does allude to Thundra's history with the Thing (we'll check out the second half of this issue, a classic reprint, later!) but does backtrack a lot of her continuity; like her marriage to Arkon. I wanna say she was killed off somewhere, too--in JLA/Avengers #1, which may or may not count! Still, probably for the best, some of that.
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Wednesday, May 04, 2016


"Expo," as in "exposition," and today Spires delivers a batch of it. I honestly don't know if, in regular Marvel continuity, SWORD goes out into space; or if they're just "space border patrol" as Pool suggests. (That's a somewhat dismissive line, but would still be pretty impressive.) I know some versions of S.H.I.E.L.D. have been more space-oriented...

I haven't seen a Mandroid in comics for some time, either...

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

If it meant 25 straight issues without a reboot, relaunch, crossover or renumbering; I think I'd actually support chromium covers.

Ah, if this isn't the most 90's thing you see today; congrats for working at the last Blockbuster store. (Are there still Blockbusters? Now that joke seems mean...) From 1993, Sleepwalker #25, featuring "Land of Broken Dreams" (Written and created by Bob Budiansky, pencils by Kelly Krantz, inks by Frank Percy.) and "Falling Asleep" (Written by Dan Slott, art by Bret Blevins.)

I think I maybe read Sleepwalker once in the 90's, seeing it as one of several mid-tier Marvel titles of the time. That said, I'm a little sad to find the expression "Sandman done right" may be apocryphal and never used to describe him. Still, you can see a couple of interesting reversals of Marvel's usual formulas here: instead of the usual teen-empowerment wish-fulfillment like Spider-Man or Nova (or like forty others...) Rick Sheridan only has power when he's asleep! And it's not a Jekyll&Hyde/Incredible Hulk thing, either: Sleepwalker was an alien, completely separate from Rick, but emerging from his mind when he slept. Rick did seem to have all the personal, soap-opera type problems Spidey did--girl trouble, always broke, lame secret identity excuses--without getting many of the upsides!

Most of this issue features Sleepwalker's people invading earth, and just crushing it. Kinda seems like it would've been a good issue for some guest-stars like the Avengers, because the aliens' powers and weapons were pretty devastating. (As is typical for comic-book aliens, Sleepwalker is the one cool one that doesn't want to destroy humanity, like the Martian Manhunter or Superman.) Meanwhile, Rick and Sleepwalker try to piece together what's going on, and if killing Rick might stop the invasion...

The back-up story features Rick getting knocked out and falling out of an airplane, with Sleepwalker having to save him without waking him up! Although Krantz does an okay job in the rest of the book, Brevins was Sleepy's original artist, although I thought he usually drew him more gaunt and less buff than this.

I know I saw Sleepwalker guest in the last few issues of Fantastic Four, but I'm not sure you see Rick...probably because he's asleep out back, duhr.
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Monday, May 02, 2016

I'm never gonna get the full BvS story now...

I'm usually up for a prize in my cereal box, but I'm getting these a little late. Partially because I only found these Batman v. Superman comics in Honey Nut Cheerios, which I'll eat, but only somewhat grudgingly. Luckily, I found some boxes of Lucky Charms with the comics; unluckily, I've got the same comic three times!

General Mills Presents Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice #2, "Field Trip" Written by Christos Gage, art by Federico Dallochio. I was going to say this was a more Superman-centric issue, since Batman doesn't even suit up; but Affleck's Bruce Wayne appears on twice as many pages as Cavill's Superman. For a little freebie, it's fine; although I think the Justice League ones from a few years ago were better. Think I got more than a few dupes there, too.
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

The fourth wall was out for repairs this month.

The GCD doesn't usually editorialize or comment much on its vast array of covers, so when it refers to this issue as "very off-beat "breaking the 4th wall" issue" they aren't kidding! From 1991, Forgotten Realms #24, "Everybody Wants to Run the Realms" Story by Jeff Grubb, art by Rags Morales.

Morales is probably still best known for his art on Identity Crisis, but this series based on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was far, far more charming and lighthearted; even though the characters occasionally went through hardships. Still, this issue divulges from the usual storyline, for a "behind the scenes" look. (Several years before "Behind the Music" or any of its spoofs!) Poking fun at everything from the usual AD&D tropes to the creative process to "continuity," but the characters were all well established enough at that point, that their voices carry through even out of their usual scene. This did come at a very odd time, though, since this was the second-to-last issue!

I actually think DC's AD&D titles sold pretty well, but something with the licensing? I wanna say TSR did their own comics for a bit--maybe they thought they could cut out the middleman? Didn't really take, but something a company almost has to try, right? Anyway, Humble Bundle had a batch of collected assorted Dungeons & Dragons issues; although that link today is My Little Pony comics; this issue's a treasure however you find it.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


"Remodel" sounds somewhat ominous here, doesn't it? Sometime later, we're probably going to check out a few Thundra appearances. In fact, she appears--in a mis-colored green outfit, at first--in one of the earlier comics I can remember reading! So, we just added a "Thundra" tag, there's a few, but I know she's appeared more than that! Read more!