Monday, March 24, 2008

Barely getting in today:
Little known fact: Dragons love licking the spatula more than anything.
It's that time of year again, where winter's all but over, and spring's not quite here; daylight savings time doesn't seem to be doing a damn thing, and it's gray all the time. My lungs feel like they're trying to clear out an entire winter's worth of flem in the morning, but I'm usually fine by the afternoon. In fact, it was nice enough for the boys and I to play outside today, something I wouldn't have bet on when I got up.

I may have over-extended myself this week: even though I wasn't feeling great, I was going to try to get three weeks worth of homemade comics done over the weekend. As it stands, I only got the pictures done for two, which admittedly is the hard part. The third one was a bit more ambitious and is going to take a little more doing, it was--or will be--a DC Comics extravaganza with a cast of, well, whoever I've got lying around, I suppose.

My Wife worked this annual big garage sale thing, and while the toys were a bit lacking, and she damn near got another dog while she was there; I did come away with a hardcover copy of Leave It to Chance Book One, by James Robinson and Paul Smith. I have the individual issues, but this was too nice to pass up. Feel a little greedy though, like I should donate it to a library or something. Except I like it too much...

With a little luck, we should have a marginally more substantial post tomorrow, but for today, just take me at my word that Leave It to Chance was a great book that deserved (deserves) a bigger audience. Buy it if you see it, dollar or no.

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