Monday, September 29, 2008

What's more embarrassing?
Barry uses Hal's ring a lot, doesn't he?
A. Getting utterly spanked by the Penguin, cosmic powers or no.

B. Getting utterly spanked by the Flash, who doesn't even bother to use his own powers to beat you.

C. Getting your power ring or dolphins back from the Flash, who did a damn sight better with them than you did.

D. Trying to make small talk with Arthur and Hal on the way back to the Hall of Justice after utterly showing them up.

E. Still not having internet at home, and being reduced to dredging up who-knows-what out of the draft files? Assuming I didn't already post this in, I dunno, 2007...

Panel from, um, an issue of Super Powers, probably...hopefully, new stuff soon!


Sea_of_Green said...

See? Barry Allen WAS indispensable!

SallyP said...

Yeah, it's stuff like this that makes me miss Barry. I LIKE Wally, but there is no way on earth he could have ever done this.

SallyP said...

And goshdarned if Hal isn't unconcious. Again.

The Fortress Keeper said...

I'll vote for C, just because its proof positive that Barry Allen is da bomb!

Um ... did I really just write "da bomb?"