Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! I don't know if there's Halloween karma, but if so, I'm hoping to score big, since along with candy and some small toys, I'm also giving out a pile of comics, including a well-read copy of Thor #362. (Oh, I've got another, trust me.)

My Youngest is a cowboy this year, since he's a fan of Woody from Toy Story; and my Oldest picked up a bleeding Scream mask. Yes, I'd prefer he dressed up as a superhero too, but his mom got the costumes this year. I'm wearing a short-sleeve blue Star Trek shirt, ala Dr. McCoy--this is barely a costume, I'm pretty sure it's in my regular rotation, but I have my phaser, communicator, and tricorder. Nerd! (I get more like Bones every year: I'm cranky, even my good advice is always ignored, and I only get some about once every 20-some episodes...)

I hope to be back online at home in the next couple of weeks, which will mean new posts again, and possibly some pictures from today. Here's hoping, and have fun!

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Sea_of_Green said...

Mighty Mite is still a bit too young for trick-or-treat, but she DID get to go to a preschool Halloween party last weekend, in her dinosaur/crocodile costume. The kids who hit OUR house tonight are in for some goodies: Decent-sized M&Ms, bat rings, and parachuting ghosts. :-) Woo hoo!