Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Processing and reunion."

I don't think the remake of the Prisoner ever spelled out what the "Rovers" were. Besides "scary things from the id," or something. The special effects were better than the ball I'm using, but that's not the point.

Does Deadpool still have his teleporter? Or his image inducer? I assume he does, but he put them in one of those stupid pouches and never remembers it.

Sir Ian McKellen as Number Two was a high point of AMC's Prisoner, as well as being a major shortcoming: the plot spends a lot of time on Two, his wife and son; and humanizes him too much for this story. might've been interesting to see that in the original show, which usually had a new Number Two every episode: a work-a-day Two, swamped with work and stress, struggling to wring even a little information out of that damn stubborn McGoohan Six.

Of course, since McKellen played Magneto and Gandalf, there are doubtless far more action figures of him than he would've ever thought possible. Oddly, I think this is my only Magneto figure, come to think of it.

Falcon's "In your face!" line, is of course from the Simpsons episode "The Computer wore Menace Shoes," a Prisoner homage/spoof that guest-starred Patrick McGoohan. Not unlike the earlier Simpsons X-Files episode, it is simultaneously loving and mocking, and still a personal favorite. And probably more true to the idea than the miniseries...


SallyP said...

Well I thought your big white ball thingie was quite well done. I haven't seen the remake, and probably won't, due to some deep-seated affection for the original.

But this was hilarious as usual.

Sea-of-Green said...

Ha! Now THIS is a GREAT remake of the Prisoner! :-D