Thursday, August 06, 2009

Having a rough day? Yeah, Nick is too.

From Punisher Annual #4 (1991), "The Cutting Edge" Written by Greg Wright and Dan Chichester, pencils by John Hebert, inks by Palmiotti, Hudson, and Reddington. This was part two of "The Von Strucker Gambit," the other two parts in the Daredevil and Captain America Annuals. (Both of which got Mike Mignola covers, but not Frank. Huh.)

I'm out for the day with a mild emergency, maybe the rest of the week. Sorry!

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plainwater said...

Please don't apologize! For some in(s)ane reason I decided to read all of your blog starting from whatever the latest entry was and working my way back. I'm on September 2008.

So take your time, by all means...