Friday, August 26, 2011

No blog today!...except this bit here, I guess.

Took the afternoon off to finish reading Norman Spinrad's A World Between. Found a coverless copy at a yard sale, and quite enjoyed it. Published in 1979, but Spinrad seems to foresee the ubiquitous Internet media, and the progressively shrill and loud and hateful nature of political campaigning. Not a bad read, so if you see a copy, grab it.

I was also on a Stephen King kick lately, so I finished Duma Key. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I've been a fan of King's since Pet Sematary. While some of his work stands out more clearly than others, I think the only major book of his I haven't read is Hearts in Atlantis.

Anyway, might try and hit up the used bookstores today, and I did want to get to the comic book shop to get the last issue of Xombi, since I suspect the shop could get swamped next week with Justice League #1. Ugh, I don't think Xombi sold a tenth of what Justice League will, but I guarantee you it's a better book. And you know it. Find a copy if you can and salve your conscience.

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