Monday, February 27, 2012

In the future, all the crossovers will have exponents or Roman numerals in them.

Sunfire mistakes an older Nate (X-Man) Grey for Cable, in X-Men #98, "First and Last, part 2" Story and art by Alan Davis, script by Terry Kavanagh, inks by Mark Farmer. You never find out what exactly happened during the "Purge of Midnights" or the "Twelve of Power Millenial Disaster," but as Nate mentions, Cable looks like hell now. Like an old version of his head on a metal tinker-toy body. Not a great look.

This story was set in 2099, but a different one than the others, since it's an imaginary mutant-centric world created by Apocalypse to try and trick the Twelve into using their powers to recharge him. Or something. I don't know. Cyclops is presumed dead, possessed by Apocalypse; but Jean stops Cable from killing them, giving Apocalypse and the Living Monolith time to escape.

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