Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"You Never Forget Your First."

I haven't read the Aquaman issues with "The Others," the proto-League Aquaman belonged to before the JLA. Conversely, I may be the only person to have read the Batman Confidential issues with the Zhuguan, the Chinese team Bruce Wayne worked with before he was even Batman. Of course, those latter issues came out right before the relaunch, so they probably were out of continuity even when they were being published.

Anyway, those issues got me thinking that might be something Aquaman and Batman would have in common, and like them, I wondered if any other Leaguers had a starter team. So, we had a little fun with that.


SallyP said...

Hilarious as usual. Poor Hal...he just doesn't get any respect. On the other hand, he's right, GL's keep dying and coming back. Must mess up their paperwork something fierce.

Dale Bagwell said...

Can't think o anything funny or smart-assy to say, but yeah I imagine it'd go done like this. Funny-ass skit all around, especially the Superman one, where he doesn't even know he's buying beer for the Legionaries, and of course the WW one. "Vacation Photo", good one.

Of course on the day I decide to pass up the Aquaman/Mer-Man two pack yet again, you post this and make me feel bad.

Damn you:(
Ha, ha.