Tuesday, July 09, 2013

'Why is a Raven like a writing desk?' I dunno, but I can tell you "Why is Batman such a jerk?"

From 2000, Batman: Gotham Knights #6's Batman: Black&White back-up: "The Riddle" Written by Walt Simonson, art by John Paul Leon.

The riddle in question is Lewis Carroll's "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" Supposedly, it was intended to be nonsense, and there's no real answer; but when eccentric billionaire Sir Richard Pettifogger dies, rumor has it Lewis Carroll's answer is one of the documents in his collection. And you know what Batman foe wouldn't be able to resist that: the Mad Hatter! the Riddler!

Pettifogger's castle home includes a hidden room, with automaton guards like the Jabberwock, the Queen of Hearts, and the Mad Hatter--no, not that one, although the whole thing seems up his alley. Still, on the price ticket on the fallen Hatter's hatband, the Riddler finds the answer. Which Batman almost immediately steps on, and the Riddler loses the card: Batman claims he knew the Riddler would try for it, so he ran the Wonderland gauntlet earlier, and placed his own answer for the Riddler to find! Was that the right answer? Was there an answer? Batman won't say, as Riddler is dragged kicking and screaming back to Arkham. Kinda mean, Bats.

I've mentioned before, I've hardly read any Lewis Carroll myself, but I maintain, read enough comics and you'll pick up the gist of it.


Dale Bagwell said...

I guess in this light, Batman does kinda look like a dick, but hey It's the Riddler. He can take it.

I'm sure Batman being Batman, he probably really did know the answer, he was just fucking with Riddler....or was he? Hmmm.

SUBZERO said...

Well,I always thought that the riddle was never answered because it was too obvious. Being that ravens have feathers and they were used for quill pens in the olden times. So I think the answer has something to do with writing.....