Monday, September 30, 2013

Nice to find it, but now I need the whole thing!

Although I haven't gotten around to reading Gun Machine yet, I lucked into some early Warren Ellis the other day: Lazarus Churchyard #2 and #3, with art by D'Israeli.

Plastic cyborg Lazarus Churchyard is virtually invulnerable, indestructible, and immortal; and bored off his ass. That's the short description, but a lot of stuff continues to happen to him. It's pretty easy to draw a line from this to Spider Jerusalem; but D'Israeli's art is an interesting counterpoint. I think there's a complete trade, though: Lazarus Churchyard: the Final Cut that has a short conclusion to his tale, which makes it a little silly that I just have the middle chunk here.

There's a few guest artists here and there (like Gary Erskine or Phil Winslade here!) although Ellis says D'Israeli is the definitive Churchyard. Well, sooner or later it will turn up...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Huh. Cool.