Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A bad use of page space, a better one, and a Transformers product that should be available in multiple scales.

There are pros and cons to picking up a ton of books from the quarter bins. (Or, more often nowadays, dollar bins!) Sometimes, you try something you might've missed before...and it leaves you completely cold, like Jonathan Hickman's Avengers. Just tried over a half-dozen issues, and was surprised to find it meh. And I was really looking forward to someone other than Bendis writing Avengers, too.

On the other hand, I've picked up a couple random issues of Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, and found it surprisingly enjoyable! A brief note, though: that series has run about 20-some issues and an annual, probably with two or three covers a piece, and yet none of them are on the GCD? Shouldn't you have an intern for that or something? C'mon, IDW, More Than Meets the Eye deserves a little more hype than that.

One of the nice things about this book, is there's a brief "Story So Far" recap on the inside front cover, and a "Meet the Crew" page with brief descriptions of sixteen of the book's characters. It's more economical than the two or three pages Avengers devotes to a recap using panels from previous issues, a diagram of the team, and a title/credits page! I don't get how Avengers--this scan is from #8--can get away with 19 pages of story for $3.99, plus a digital download code and AR bonus whatever. This issue of MTMTE has 22 story pages, same price.

In issue #18, the Autobots' ship the Lost Light is under attack by unidentified assailants, Rodimus Prime is captured by "Chief Justice" Tyrest, Ratchet loses a guessing game, and Rodimus meets a prisoner that he's met before...this is part two of the five-part "Remain in Light," and I think I'm going to have to throw down for the rest. And Swerve pulls a piece that should be made with his action figure:

Hell, they should make full-size versions for kids, too. The description "Big Grip for Little Hands" would kind of explain why a lot of Transformers weapons are oddly sized...


Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, me too. I/We must be like one of the few that aren't singing Hickman's praises or drinking his kool-aid. It's just....boring.

chiasaur11 said...

MTME is delightful, yes.

The writer did "Last Stand of the Wreckers" with Nick Roche prior to it, and that's also quite good. Keeps the banter, but it has less lighthearted teambuilding and more hideous and gruesome death for characters you just started to love.

James Roberts is quality.

~P~ said...

While "AVENGERS" has been a (very) slow burn, and not to the taste of anyone who likes their Avengers all punchery (yes, I made a new word), the FAR better Hickman Avengers title is NEW AVENGERS which feaures the "Illuminati" (Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Black Bolt, Beast [standing in for the deceased Professor X] and Doctor Strange. [Captain America WAS briefly a member until they kicked him to the curb in an arguably necessarily harsh manner]), all gathered by, and joined by Black Panther.

A mysterious, and unstoppable Universe-Destroying threat is the focus of the book, and these guys are being forced to make some VERY touch choices.

Not for those who like their Avengers all do-goodery (yes, another new word).

The 1st TPB is already out (first 6 issues) and while it is now a part of the INFINITY storyline, even THAT is a part of its original, overall story (since these guys DID have - and use - the Infinity Gems).

If you DO read issue # 1, you HAVE TO read issue # 2 as well, since they were originally intended to be a giant-size first issue, but were split up for whatever reason.


~P~ said...


TOUGH choices...

Not "touch" choices (like as if they were playing a pick-up game of football and needed to determine "touch or tackle").