Friday, March 18, 2016

The Hodge and the Podge:

Well, let's start with this, since I've been listening to it on and off for the last couple weeks: Bit Brigade's Mega Man 2 set:

I did have Contra stuck in my head for a while, too...

As of this writing, I have yet to complete my stupid Justice Buster, since Reverse Flash has yet to be restocked, and it is just gnawing at me. I think of myself as pretty easygoing, willing to let things play out--my wife hates my routine, lackadaisically dismissive "fine," but I think it keeps me sane. And yet...when I was working on that X-Men Six Player, that ate up a lot of my thinking. Oh, and I finished a third one. Here:

For my next stupid project to do instead of blogging, I was considering getting a Marvel Legends Blizzard to repaint as the Heckler. Ooh, I'm sure that wouldn't drive me all OCD...

Back to the Justice Buster for a moment: I was mildly surprised I had a comic with it, and then mildly surprised how little it was in said comic! From last January, Batman #36, "Endgame, part two" Written by Scott Snyder, pencils by Greg Capullo, inks by Danny Miki. I'm not 100% sure how I got it, though. I was convinced it was a promo from Batman Day, but apparently not; so I probably picked it up on sale. Weird issue, though; but that's probably to be expected midway through like that: Batman still has nightmarish visions from "Crane's Cassandra strain of fear toxin," this issue of getting killed by Killer Croc. Then immediately on the next page, Batman's ongoing battle with a Joker-toxin controlled Justice League. There's no big hero shot of the Justice Buster here, as it's destroyed by a crazed Superman pretty quickly.

Batman notes, between himself and Superman: "Who wins in a fight? Neither of us." Probably how that movie is going to go, too...

Marvel is putting out so many books right now, and a lot of them aren't too bad. Some, like the new Mockingbird ongoing, are pretty great!

Ah, wish I'd seen that action-figure cover variant.

Elsewhere, my Youngest son has been obsessed with old video games of late, so I probably shouldn't have pointed Internet Arcade out to him. We both finished the old arcade version of Superman, a game I had actually played some years back. And I was way crappier at it than I's got the classic John Williams music, but is also repetitive as all get out. Still a bit of fun, though. Now, on to Batman...(EDIT: Which I finished, though it took a lot of virtual quarters!)

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Dale Bagwell said...

Damn, you're on a roll with those things man. Shit, I just might commission you to make me one of those things with all that practice you're getting;)

As for the video, sooooo Video Game Prog Rock's a thing now huh? I guess it could be worse;)

Still have yet to see any of those JB figures though here. Maybe my-not-so-local TRU and TOYS might have them? Idk.