Monday, June 13, 2016

Sadly, this wouldn't have worked as a silent issue.

I almost wish I had a tag for "Legends of the Dark Knight" in addition to just "Batman; since we've seen issues from some great creators; like Warren Ellis, Chuck Dixon, and Mike Mignola. In fact, the writer of today's book has worked with Mignola, on a couple hundred issues of B.P.R.D. From 2003, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #162, "Auteurism, part one of two" Written by John Arcudi, art by Roger Langridge.

A down-and-out alcoholic comedian--and a classic one, in the vein of Buster Keaton or the Marx Brothers--has a chance encounter with the Batman; as the Joker laments being unappreciated and misunderstood by the hacks of the Gotham press. (Well, he has a point: "The Joker is Wild" is a terrible headline.) One of Joker's men suggests perhaps he needs a publicist, as the comedian's movie plays...

I don't know my classic comedians well enough to say if Arcudi based his Buddy Kantor on a specific one, but his rants about being snubbed and having to work with subpar material seem familiar. (The Joker mentions Kantor going off on the "Merv Douglas" show, which could refer to Mike Douglas or Merv Griffin.) Still, the Joker is enraptured by Kantor, filming his complaining and offering him a better grade of co-star; by robbing a bank with the unwitting Kantor in tow!

May need to pick up the conclusion later this week; this is one of my usual reminders to get that thing!

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Dale Bagwell said...

"Joker is wild" huh? Joker's Wild was a much better title of a classic B:TAS joker episode. You know, the one where a casino owner tried (and did for awhile) make money off the Joker's name and likeness? To be fair, that guy had it coming for doing that shit.
"A failed comedian in the vein of Buster Keaton".....sounds like a potential origin for the Joker a la The Killing Joke.
You ever watch that one episode of the classic Twilight Zone that Buster Keaton starred in? It's cute.