Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Why are we using the Hippolyta figure from the Wonder Woman movie for a banking planet? Because she was handy and I did not have any jokes lined up for Wonder Woman's mom. Also, thanks to watching Starcrash on Mystery Science Theater 3000 about 90 times, I had the idea of an amazon planet stuck in my head. Nine times out of ten there's no reason for it, other than needing a situation for the manly astronauts to teach women how to love; a cliche Starcrash actually dodged.

Banking planets are somewhat more rare in sci-fi: I was thinking of Aargau, from Star Wars #48. Post-Empire Strikes Back, Princess Leia is trying to get funding for some X-wings, Darth Vader is trying to block it; but there's a shell game going on on both sides.


Dale Bagwell said...

His account name is "Ur-Ath"? Nooice.
Love how she just says 18 Billion $ likes it's nothing....maybe it is nothing to someone who's in charge of a shit ton of money that probably makes 18 billion$ seem like chump change.

Oh the guns and weapons caches 'Pool can buy now;)

SallyP said...

Nah... he'll blow it all on booze and hookers.

Dale Bagwell said...

Probably, ha ha