Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back to work!
From Silver Surfer #31, "Nothing!" Written by Steve Englehart, pencils by Ron Lim, inks by Tom Christopher and Keith Williams. This was Englehart's last issue on the book, and while a lot of the points he set up would be erased in short order (leaving Clumsy Foulup as head of the Kree empire, for example) it was a nice finish. And I love Ron Lim's Surfer art; I'll make no apologies for that.

Back from Montana, back to work. Well, work work, and then this thing.

I had a great vacation with my wife and kids up at my parents' place up in the mountains, and got to see my aunt, uncles, sister, nephews, and grandma. (Sadly, my grandma isn't doing too well, but was happy to see us, and that's something.) We spent a ton of time on the lake, but also went to some of the little touristy things like go-carts and so on. All of this is a long preamble to why the rest of this week is probably going to be spotty. Maybe. I also picked up a couple of comics out of the batch I had left at home, and I'm kinda dying to use 'em. We'll see.

Moreover, I haven't read any new comics or any news this week, so I have to catch up a little. Be back soon. Soon-ish.

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