Monday, July 30, 2007

Not quite that, but with at least that much swearing.
I've had this old comic for years, so I guess I'm just the right age now for crippling back pain.
I helped my in-laws move...and I'm afraid that was about it for this weekend. Moving a couple little folding tables early on, I felt my lower back crimp or whatever the hell it does. It'll be OK in a couple of days, so hopefully by my birthday I won't be hunched over like a calcium-deficient 90-year-old, and I can go see the Simpsons.

I've had a couple of Tomine's minicomics for years--this one's from 1991--but don't recall how I got them. I think he had an ad in Spin or something, but I could be wrong. Optic Nerve is one of the few indie comics I still read, even though it's only about an issue a year or so. He has other irons in the fire besides comics, but Tomine's art is a lot more polished now. That said, I didn't care for the last three issues, since the main character was a bastard with problems; but you have to give Tomine credit for trying a longer storyline.

From Optic Nerve (minicomic) #2, by Adrian Tomine.

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