Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I like her, but this is more or less why I bought She-Hulk, yeah.

Oh, Wade has got to be a better date than the bachelors. Just not bring home to mom material. Although, he might suggest that.
Really, really looking forward to Incredible Herc now, and really not looking forward to the end of Cable & Deadpool. Even if it hasn't been firing on all cylinders the last issue or two, I like it a lot better without Cable. Deadpool is gonna need another job, and game show host wouldn't be a bad fit for him.

I re-read "Trial of the Juggernaut," or whatever the hell those issues of Uncanny X-Men were, where Cain and Jen sleep together. Hmm, on further thought, I'm pretty sure I only made it through one of those, which is just as well since they've been retconned out. Anyway, I like Juggernaut as a villain, but not the main villain, since he's a one-dimensional clod the best of times.

I haven't read She-Hulk's book regularly since her first series, oddly enough: when I was little and had a subscription to Star Wars, my sister got a sub to various Marvel books that got cancelled, like Spider-Woman and She-Hulk. Would it be too broad to say She-Hulk has a bad reputation as being, um, promiscuous? And yet, there is no way she was moreso than Herc or Iron Man. Hooray double standards!

Iron Man's 'cell' is the remote control to the Happy Helmet, and came with Ren. The desk and card are from Space Ghost, and you had best have one, it's still a classic. Jen's chair is from the Norman Osborn figure from the first Spider-Man movie line. You can't tell from the pics, but Herc and Iron Man have folding chairs from some cheapo wrestling figures, Juggernaut's on the Space Ghost stool, and Wade has a chair from the Strange Brew toys--man, ton of accessories from that one. And the background behind Wade is from the Playmates Simpsons line...Sideshow Bob? Hmm.


SallyP said...

Hee hee! A fabulous set, and a hliarious premise. How can you go wrong?

Oh, and of the three bachelors? Hercules...definitely Hercules.

Anonymous said...

So, is this the original Jen Walters, or the one who slept with the Juggernaught.