Thursday, December 27, 2007

I wish solving my computer problems had been this dramatic.
Either the most determined, or the stupidest, recyclers ever.
Wouldn't hearing your operating system be really annoying? Like hearing your nose whistle or something.
And just like that, we're back! a time when most of the blogosphere has gone into hibernation. I know the feeling.

While I feel like I should be grinding away on the posts (and I do have a batch saved up) I also have a frigging ream of comics to read--a ton of old Marvel horror reprints, a boxload from a friend, some of last week's comics I didn't pick up yet. I got Haruki Murakami's Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman for Christmas from the Wife: twenty-four stories in that one, and I haven't even had time to read one yet. I also got King's second-to-last Dark Tower book, which I missed somehow and read the last chapter already.

I have a couple of gift cards, that I'm hoping to put towards some clearanced figures. To that end:
I swear, coincidence; but I did buy Jade for like one joke, and am glad to get more use for her.
The Captain's likeness is based on a young, young William Shatner, and I haven't watched that episode in a while to compare it. Still a little disappointed he didn't come with a phaser, communicator, rifle, or anything. (To be fair, he wouldn't necessarily need them on the bridge in his chair, but still.) And the soft piece of the shirt doesn't seem to connect to the shoulders quite right, and can make him look like he's wearing a vest.

Man, I have a lot of the Kingdom Come figures. The Superman and Batman ones I bought at full price the first time around, but I think I got pretty good sales on the others I have. The Deadman in particular was pretty, now I know I saw KC Hawkman and the Spectre/Alex Ross' dad two-pack marked down on separate locations, but I didn't pick them up. And did I get the armored Blue Beetle? Shoot.

Anyhow, usual, she gets a bit robbed, this time by getting a figure as a marginal character that only appeared in a few panels and one cover, and a much older woman at that. I kind of liked her as a Green Lantern, actually, but I don't know if that ended well. As usual for the Kingdom Come figures, she's slightly more poseable than a McFarlane figure.

I wanted to look for some more toys today, but it's been really snowy and icy here lately, and a bit of a pain to pack up the kids and get them around. Maybe tomorrow.

Panels from the underrated Ghost Rider 2099 #7, "Been Caught Stealing" Written by Len Kaminski, art by Kyle Hotz. I think at the time, I preferred Hotz to Ashley Wood, who did the last few issues of the book in what seemed like a very Sienkiewicz style. I may have to go back over those last issues and see how they aged.

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