Friday, February 01, 2008

Getting what you pay for, sort of.
No dumber than having Pirate Batman on the Final Crisis/Countdown Teaser poster.
No Snow Day today, but I'll see about getting at least one more tomorrow or Sunday. The googum family went out to dinner, and when you're able to go out with the Youngest and keep his casein/gluten-free diet under control, it's a special occasion.

I did make it to the local Spencers, which had some clearance figures marked down a further fifty-percent off. I didn't have any Pirates of the Caribbean figures, so I thought five bucks for a Captain Jack Sparrow would be well worth it. Well, almost: Jack comes with a pretty impressive palm tree base, but both shoulders broke within moments of opening.

The weird thing is, both shoulders are still tight enough in their sockets that they will hold a pose. So, it's not a total loss: he certainly wouldn't hold up to any play without the arms popping off, but I can get him into a good pose and call it good.

The Batman Beyond is from DC Direct's Superman/Batman line, and it's the second figure I've bought with the Ed McGuinness style body type...although I don't love it. (Captain Atom was the other one, and BB and the Captain have only gotten DC Direct-scale figures in this style.) Compared to the DCSH Classic Detective Batman, Batman Beyond is virtually unposeable; but does have a hefty, solid feel that seems like it would seriously hurt if thrown at someone. BB had a slightly bent left Bat-ear, which is why I hadn't bought it before. Well, that and the price, but again, five bucks covers a multitude of sins.

There's another day or two left on their sale, and I have a few bucks as well. Do I need a Silence of the Lambs Hannibal or Elizabeth Swann or more Grindhouse figures? Hmm.

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