Wednesday, February 13, 2008

OK, let's try this again:

Reusing an entire page now.  God, I'm lazy.

Booster's argument is the legacy of a couple centuries of lawyer shows.
I thought J'onn deserved a chance to quit and let someone else drive the League into the ground...
For the last page, I wanted sort of a "cattle-call," American Idol-style feel of open tryouts. Most of the characters shown don't show up for the interview portions, but a few like Speedy do.

You can't see him behind Huntress, but Abe Sapien is taunting Aqualad as being too small and due to be thrown back. Oops.

I like the three Batgirls, but didn't have room for more than the tiny, animated style Batgirl's one snide thought. Which could also be applied to the rest of the girls there, honestly.

Continued next week! And Booster Gold #0 is out today, and I'm pretty much sold on that one. Check it out.


SallyP said...

I would SO buy this version of the Justice League!

Stephen said...

very cool. can't wait to see the team dynamics with robocop in the mix.