Friday, February 27, 2009

Your Happenstance panel for today:

It's his cheerful, Scrooge McDuck look, even under that hood, that sells it for me.
Say what you will, but I bet Cobra Commander would have one hell of an economic stimulus plan.

From G.I. Joe #98, "He's Back!" 'Scenario' by Larry Hama, 'dessins' by M.D. Bright, 'encrage' by Randy Emberlin. I'm not a huge Joe fan, haven't seen every episode of the cartoon, not all worked up for the movie; but I do fondly remember the digest reprints and the occasional issue. This issue, Raptor takes Dr. Mindbender to the grave of the original Cobra Commander; who had been shot in the back and replaced by Crimson Guardsman Fred VII back in #61. (Editorial footnotes, please come home, all is forgiven.)

Instead, the original CC returns. The Crimson Guard were his elite troops, and CC had made it policy for them to spy on each other: each one thought they were the only one spying...patched back up by his loyal men, Cobra Commander built up a new organization, and returned to his evil ways. He had been on the verge of going straight, but now blamed his son Billy for getting him shot in the first place. Billy, Raptor, Fred VII, Dr. Mindbender...and a bunch of other characters Larry Hama was doubtless sick of writing, were forced into a landlocked freighter. Cobra Commander had arranged for explosives to flood the channel and push the freighter into a volcano, which was then blown up a bit more. That's why Cobra was so great in the comics and cartoon (and why they're going to be the suck in the movie...), every Cobra scheme hinges on doing ludicrously impractical things, but goddamnit if they don't enjoy their work.

Meanwhile, at the Pentagon, General Hollingsworth and Hawk are shocked to hear the "Jugglers," a committee of generals that have pushed to disband the G.I. Joe unit before, are...pushing to disband the G.I. Joe unit, again. Hmm. The generals point out that Cobra seems to have moved into legitimate business: "Sleazy legitimate business," Hollinsgworth notes, but legit all the same. What, I wonder? Hama doesn't specify, although insider trading seems a safe bet...

What is Mark D. "Doc" Bright doing lately? I liked his Joe work, and he did a stretch of Green Lantern and Icon, but I'm not sure where he's at now. I haven't read much of the recent G.I. Joe comics, and I know they're on another reboot or Resolute or something; but I miss the old Marvel style ones.

Out for the weekend: I might actually finish Timing! See you later.

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SallyP said...

Hey, I used to read these too! They were pretty insane, but I had a secret crush on Tomax for some reason.

M.D. Bright is indeed an excellent artist, but I think he's working in advertising or something, certainly no comics as of late.