Monday, May 18, 2009

No prizes for guessing which problem Namor tackles first...

Atlantis was about ten minutes away from being turned into a Sandals resort, before Namor got there...

No subjects, no country, no problem; but no queen? That shall not stand!!

Questions from this page alone: is that octopus alive? Did Namor kick it's ass, too? Are there even octopi in the middle of the Atlantic, or wherever the hell Atlantis is? Topo visits the other Atlantis for one damn day and this happens...What the hell army is the guy in the red outfit from? If Atlantis popped up to the surface in the middle of the ocean a few hours ago, would birds already be eating dead fish off of it? What is with Namor's "Day at the beach" crack? How does he keep his long, luxurious mane looking its best after being in sea water all day?
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Sigh. This is from Fantastic Four Unlimited #11, "No Man is an Island" (ugh.) Written by Glen Herdling, art by Herb Trimpe. (Trimpe can do better!) The cover and title page announce this issue as "Atlantis Rising Revisited," tying it into to the Fantastic Four event. Event maybe should be in quotes there, and I'm not sure what if any other books crossed over to this one. I know I have Atlantis Rising #1 and some such from the quarter bins: there was a preview issue even, with a nice Alan Davis cover; but I know this one sank like a stone. (Boo!) In comics, there's like two plots for Atlantis: Attacks, or Rises/Sinks. Nobody just visits Atlantis. Their gift shop gets less sales than the Holocaust Museum...

In other news, this Sunday... is three. More on that later, stay tuned!

Panel from Nexus #22, "The Battle for Ylum" Written by Mike Baron, pencils by Steve Rude, inks by John Nyberg.

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