Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Strangedoom, part two."

Part one is here (or further down this page, not a lot of posts this last week!) and click to Doom-size.

Man, I wish I had the photoshop/art skills to drop some Kirby Krackle in that first panel. Well, life goes on.

I forget: Has Doom ever tried that suck-the-power-cosmic-outta-the Silver Surfer again? I mean, not to repeat past mistakes or anything, but if Doom leaves himself a post-it not to plow into the barrier this time, it should work, right? In fact, there's not even a barrier anymore, Galactus dispersed it way back in the Surfer's first issue in the eighties. Or use that machine to drain Terrax or some other herald, heaven knows there's more than a couple spares roaming around. I might miss the Frankie Raye Nova, but maybe could do without Firelord or Air-Walker. Or Red Shift. Anyone even remember that guy?

We saw the other day an "imaginary story" with Doom recruiting the Grey Hulk, and this strip is a definite callback to that one. Today's strip is a day early...since yesterday was really nice out, and I'm busy with "principal photography" for a special Sunday strip. Tonight, I believe I'm on reshoots...


billjac said...

Doom stole Terrax's power cosmic during Byrne's FF run. The Silver Surfer got involved, big fight, Doom's armor got fused and he had to do the Ovoid mind transfer trick to escape in a stolen body (and was incidentally rude to May Parker while doing so). Pretty good story as I recall, but Byrne's stuff hasn't usually held up on rereading.

CalvinPitt said...

I thought there was one other time when he tried to swipe the Surfer's power, but I may just be thinking of the '90s cartoon show.

I really like Doom's negotiating with Mr. Fixit. I keep laughing at it.

I think Red Shift and Air-Walker both died during Annihilation. That Stardust character survived, which is fine, I think it's pretty cool, so Galactus is rocking 2 Heralds right now (Stardust and the Surfer).

SallyP said...

Victor, Victor, Victor. We just CAN'T put you in the same room as the Surfer, can we?

I'd hate to have to be the one to break it to the Hulk,that there are probably NOT going to be any Hot Pockets.

googum said...

Even though I've read most of Byrne's FF, there's some I've missed, and I've always felt cheated that he didn't get to do one big final story before he went to Superman. But I am stuck with the later Englehart issues where he either takes upon himself or is forced to explain how the then-bodiless Doom shows up in Secret Wars. Not great.

Ah, I miss the old Surfer show. And you're definitely right about Air-Walker, but Air-Walker's whole job is to die. He's the Red Tornado of heralds, the guy that goes in first to get blown to bits and then put back together.

Oh, there's gonna be Hot Pockets, one way or another...I'm considering getting the DCUC Dr. Fate figure when he shows up, because I don't much like him as a character. He'll make a good foil...