Friday, September 11, 2009

Your Happenstance panel for today:

Admittedly, I've done the same, but it's usually because I'm playing Bionic Commando or something.
A quick panel from Scott Lobdell and Alan Davis's Fantastic Four #3, "Happy New Year, Reed Die!" (Inks by Mark Farmer.) Lobdell would stick around for the next issue, credited for story, but with #4 Claremont would start up. I'm not sure why, exactly; Lobdell and Davis were doing pretty well themselves, and why wouldn't Claremont take the reins from the first issue?

Anyway, this issue featuring a pretty good scheme from the newly super-intelligent Super Apes, of 'The Red Ghost and...' The Red Ghost is having problems, though, since he appears to have become as dumb as the Apes have smart; and the Apes' powers all seemingly overlap now. In fact, once Reed defeats them, he worries that the same blending of powers and personalities could happen to himself and the rest of the FF. Which was never brought up again, to the best of my knowledge.

Also this ish: three pages devoted to the partial debut of the next big FF baddie, Crucible! Yeah, no one cares. His big claim to fame would be training with the same monks that helped Doctor Doom burn a mask to his face. I'm sure he'll be as well remembered as the Marquis of Evil or whatever the recent plotline with Doom's mentor was...

And on the last page, setting up next month's double-sized issue with Terminus, Alicia Masters, and the Silver Surfer? The Mole Man, in a towel. Yeah, I'm not scanning that. You're welcome.

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