Friday, October 23, 2009

Frank's yanking your chain, Cap.

We'll close out this week the way we opened it, with a panel from Punisher/Captain America: Blood & Glory (#3), written by D.G. Chichester, art by Klaus Janson. Did Moro tribesmen really bind their testicles? Or is that just something they made up to impress outsiders? Or maybe to see if they could get anyone else to try it, then laugh and laugh...

Did anyone remember this series had a guest-appearance from Terror, of Terror, Inc.? Oh, you lie.

Now, there's my problem: all too willing with the condescending advice, when it looks like the real money is in disgusting services. Ah, well.


SK said...

That comment from the Punisher is hilarious! :)

DrNightmare said...

Oh my goddess, thank you for posting that, one of my all time favorite Punisher scenes! Anytime those two guys get together, something ridiculous has to happen xD