Thursday, December 31, 2009

"The End" Week: Major Bummer #15

Need help with your New Year's resolution?
No, I'm not quitting blogging, why do you ask?
Here's help!
Coincidentally, this is also like 90% of humanity's response tomorrow morning as well.
Resolve to get a full set of Major Bummer! From "Saving Time" Written by John Arcudi, art by Doug Mahnke and Tom Nguyen. Hell, I don't even have a full batch, and my issues aren't GCD pretty, either. They've been well-read and well-loved, although I can't recall if I bought them new or from those quarter bins. I want to say I started late, but was buying it on sight by the end...

I don't think the name "Major Bummer" is ever used in the issues I've read, but it's the tale of Lou Martin. As issue #3 introduces him:
Either 'VCR repairman' dates this book, or Lou is really really a slacker.
Lou's a slacker's slacker, lazy, aimless, and a shade on the dim side; until he gets super-powers, by accident, from a pair of alien grad students. They had intended to give the powers to Martin Louis, an upstanding member of the community, but didn't realize names are last name first in the phone book...Lou accomplishes about as much with powers as he did without, but is now plagued by wannabe superheroes, incompetent alien menaces, and villains whose powers draw them to Lou. It is, of course, hysterical.

Sadly, sales were never great, and I do have to give DC credit for sticking with it as long as it did. Major Bummer was a creator-owned book, but so far Arcudi and Mahnke haven't taken him anywhere else. Maybe a trade someday, guys.

And with that, have a Happy New Year, and drag your hungover ass to the computer sometime tomorrow for the Year in Toys!


SallyP said...

I remember this. It WAS a hoot.

chiasaur11 said...

Got a couple issues from a dollar bin, along with Death's Head reprints and TWO copies of Bully Pulpit.

Man, I love dollar bins.