Friday, October 08, 2010

This week: Conan, random figures, and oh god no!

Man, it would suck to get killed by Young Conan. For one thing, it would have to be less efficient. Grown-up Conan swipes once, and lops you in twain; Young Conan probably has to stab you multiple times. Suck.

Since I mentioned it the other day, and found this issue in the quarter bins last weekend; here's a little bit from Ron Lim's run on Marvel's Conan the Barbarian. This was his second issue, #233, and Conan is but a baby at the start of the issue, and well on his way into surly teenhood by the end.

I remember reading these back in 1990, and I'm not sure how long I stayed with it; since at the time I didn't see the pressing need to reboot Conan. Especially since I had only recently read a ton of old, reprinted stuff in Conan Saga. I had just seen young Conan, I didn't need to run through that again. And Lim's art was a change, perhaps a bit too clean for this may have needed more grit? I say that, but I still liked his work; and his version of Conan's mom? Demure, but hot. And now you're thinking of Conan's mom, and my work here is complete.

Haven't been to the comic shop yet this week: raining today, which seemed like a perfectly good reason to stay in and cook my delicious/terrible teriyaki beef/chicken/tofu thing. (Who buys two kinds of meat and tofu? Me, and um, me, I guess.) I had the pineapple and water chestnuts, and the meat good and soaked, but should've gone all in and done white and brown rice. I usually make enough to last a couple of days, and love it, but it's like eating a salt lick. Hell, I'm thirsty now...just a second.

From the previously aforementioned quarter bin, I got an issue of...I'm going to say Batman Presents: Flash from Editorial Novaro. Like #1266. I'm afraid I don't speak even a lick of Spanish, but it's an oddly-sized reprint of Flash #318, "The Killer who Wiped Central City Clean!" Written by Cary Bates, pencils by Carmine Infantino, and inks by Dennis Jensen. Oddly, I think this is continuing a plotline from #314, which I actually think I have somewhere. There's also a short Batman story, "Tiempo Caliente en Ciudad Gotica" which would be..."Hot Time in Gotham City"? Maybe I do have a lick of Spanish. A Mike Friedrich, Irv Novick, Dick Giordano story; Batman saves a kid from a fire, then throws a statue out a window. I may have missed something in there...

In other news, an oddball week for toys: besides the aforementioned Trakk, I got NECA's Ninja Gaiden Ryu Hayabusa. His right shoulder pops off, which is a bit disappointing for a new, out of the box figure; but it pops right back on. Not a bad figure, with a good batch of articulation: I haven't played the recent version of the game, but I did beat the old NES one, all those years ago...I seem to recall my thumbs actually bleeding, at one point.

And we've got a used Ringwraith, and a Peter Pan figure. I recall seeing those in ToyFare and the old Disney Stores some time ago. Part of a heroic boy's line, with Cap'n Hook, Hercules, and Prince Philip. I don't know why Peter has a light-up feature...or why he's going to eat my soul, for that matter:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahgodno Anyway, have a good weekend, and if I disappear...try and find Peter Pan.

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SallyP said...

Now Prince Philip I could go for...I had a terrible crush on him at the age of five...but Peter Pan is just terrifying!