Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A week or two back, I got the Star Wars Comic Pack "Lieutenant Jundland"/Deena Shan two-pack. (Check out for proper pictures.) For two bucks, since I haven't bought a ton of Star Wars figures recently, Jodo Kast notwithstanding.

"Lieutenant Jundland," of course, is Luke Skywalker in disguise; and Jundland may be a bit too cutesy of an alias, after the Jundland Wastes of his home planet Tatooine. So Luke's alias is basically a Star Wars version of his porn star name.

I don't know much about Deena Shan, since the included issue (a reprint of Star Wars: Empire #39, "The Wrong Side of the War, part four of five") was maybe the first or second I've read with her. Per, she's pretty much the new Battlestar: Galactica's Starbuck, Katee Sackhoff, in Star Wars, and why not?

Oddly enough, shortly after writing this, I got a used trade with this story, Star Wars: Empire, volume seven. (For cheaper than the cost of an issue!) It's not bad, even if it's very much midway though it's story, it's Star Wars, so you'll pick it up. There's an issue of Darth Vader being a dick to his men, but with a reason; then all of "The Wrong Side of the War." Reminded me a little of the old, Marvel UK serial "World of Fire," in that there are some Imperial officers that are still reasonable people with recognizable human emotions, that still side with the Empire. And still a lot of bastard Imperials that need to get shot.

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Sadly it's true. Evil IS hot.