Friday, November 12, 2010

Good idea, bad idea:

Most of you who buy new comics probably have a comic shop or two in your neighborhood; just as most of you who pick up toys doubtless have your usual Walmarts and Toys R Us's around. But if you're lucky, you may have a local chain as well. For example, some may get to frequent stores like New England Comics or Newbury Comics, two well-known chains I've never been within three hundred miles of.

I don't mention it very often, but I live up in Washington state...for some reason. And in my neck of the woods, just as in my ancestral homeland of Montana, we have Hastings, which over the years has sold music, video, books, and is currently on a bit of a comics push. I've gotten some pretty nice deals on some used graphic novels, like Hellboy: the Troll Witch and Other Stories, Captain America: Fighting Chance--Denial, and Star Wars: Empire, volume 5. All for under four bucks or less a piece.

The Troll Witch was a surprise, since there were some stories in there I hadn't read, which is always a plus. It's been years since I've read Fighting Chance, although I may have to see if I can wrangle a copy of the second part. And I really enjoyed the Star Wars Allies and Adversaries (you may not even have realized you wanted to read the adventures of BoShek and his epic sideburns, but you do) except for one thing.
Ignore my hand there, there's a security tag on the back cover of the book. Which is fine, especially for the price; and if not having used graphic novels stolen keeps the prices down, then a slightly lumpy back cover is...a small price to pay. But then...

...another one, in the middle of the book, and Princess Leia's face. Oh, bad form, Hastings.

We'll write that one off as a hiccup, especially since I've had no problems with any of the used trades I've picked up there. And if you're not within spitting distance of a Hastings, well, I'm sure you've got a local hook-up that I'd be completely jealous of too.

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Sea-of-Green said...

Which begs the question, WHAT does a security tag smell like?