Friday, December 30, 2011

"The End" Week: Power Girl #27!

I said I wasn't going to do a lot of DC's pre-52 last issues (Batman Confidential, Doom Patrol and Secret Six don't count; since I believe they were on the way out before) and then I find a couple in the dollar bin. Superboy #11 may have to wait until next year, though; since we're taking a quick look at Power Girl #27, "Sixty Seconds" Written by Matthew Sturges, art by Hendry Prasetya.

A quick look, since the bulk of the issue takes place under a minute: after thrashing some silly anti-Kryptonian robots, a message is broadcast in the sky specifically for Power Girl. Three "life-threatening situations" have been set up for her, using some of her scab villains--I'm pretty sure Typhoon was a Firestorm villain, and the only book to use them well was Suicide Squad. PG is given the coordinates to a captured Cyclone (her JSA teammate) but stops first to throw a giant rock in the ocean. Shades of old Superman comics here, since you know she's up to something...

Rescuing Cyclone, Power Girl tells the watching camera, "One." She then leaves a destination for Cyclone to meet her at, and takes off for the second situation: Da Bomb, at the Tower of Pisa. I think I've seen him before: he's not quite super-creepy stalker territory, more like smitten thug who won't take "Get bent" for an answer until PG actually bends him. Beating him in seconds, she tells the next camera, "Two."

Typhoon is told to kill his victim early, since PG's ahead of schedule, but the rock she threw causes a wave that takes him out. (Presumably, because he didn't see it coming: if Typhoon can be taken out by a wave, that's weak even for a Firestorm baddie.) Power Girl and Cyclone then have to stop the wave from destroying a small town, but still. She spies the last flying camera: "Three. Gotcha." Using super-hearing...which to be honest, I had completely forgotten she had...she's triangulated where her voice was coming out of the speakers, and finds a small group listening to a video presentation by the Calculator. He had set up the hostages, in order to demonstrate how to distract a superhero from a real job. Miffed that he wasn't there in person, PG takes in the criminals, saying she has all the time in the world...

Nothing that'll rock your world, but still a fun little issue. I hadn't read her series before, but I understand "Karen Starr" has appeared in the NuDC in Mister Terrific, but Power Girl has not. Ah, she'll turn up; but I'd be concerned her origin might get wrecked, again, if they try to make her non-Kryptonian. As opposed to...whatever she is now. Hopefully, DC doesn't turn her into a Donna Troy or a Hawkman.

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