Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Evaluation Day."

Use your willpower to enlarge! Or click them. Either or.

During a recent sale at Target, I bought the Guardians there--actually two Krona figures. They're actually 3 3/4-inch scale, but the Guardians are short, so I reckoned there was some wiggle room there.

The Guardians of the Universe are terrible, terrible bosses. Now, granted, they're trying to police the entire universe, and it is a big job. In fact, it's pretty much an impossible job, even with several thousand alien deputies with magic rings. But the Guardians aren't especially clear about their plans or goals, have a ton of rules and regulations that seem to contradict each other; and I suspect they might be more about order than anything. In their defense, though, it's not like anyone else was gonna take care of the universe, and a lot of their employees are loose cannons and nutjobs. I'm not gonna name any names...

Reckon the Guardians do better with a more hand's-off management style, but too often they take that to be completely unreachable. (Which, dramatically, makes more sense.) When they micro-manage? The worst.

Oh, and the "We're meanies!" line, as the Guardians bag on John, is swiped from a homage to an old Evan Dorkin Milk & Cheese. They have fun...



Love the comic work. Just found your blog recently and I can't get over the creativity! One of the more original ones yet. I do some toy blogging of my own. Check me out at:

BTW, Banner is awesome. Deadpool and Night Crawler are the tops!

SallyP said...

The Guardians are inDEED the Worst Bosses Ever. No matter how many times they get their tiny blue asses saved, it's just never enough.

The part with Sinestro doing everything that he can think of to get fired, is hilarious.