Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Batman Azrael Forever."

While setting this one up, I thought it would be fun if DC made a Batman RPG like Marvel's X-Men Legends or Ultimate Alliance games. Say the player starts with four characters, selected from Batman, Inc; or various Batgirls or Robins, Outsiders, and so on. The game would begin with small street crime, then individual villains, working up to the big organizations like the Court of Owls, the League of Shadows, or Leviathan. (Ah, Leviathan! I forgot that one in the strip!) Wow, there's a lot of big crime in Gotham...and for purposes of the game, you could throw in Kobra, the Secret Six, and more.

The fun thing about a game like that, would be playing with the characters you want. It would be tough to go without a Batman, but I'd love to be able to pick guys like Orpheus, the Knight, the Stephanie Brown Batgirl, or the Creeper.


CalvinPitt said...

The idea of Damian teaming with Jean-Paul actually makes me want to read something with Damien in it. You have performed a miracle, sir! Just what, two, three more? and you're a saint.

I wouldn't mind a Marvel Alliance style Batman game at all. Team up three Batgirls with random people. Maybe Booster Gold? I've wanted that since the last issue of Steph's series, with the photo of the three Batgirls and the Blackhawks ('cause Booster would get involved in time travel shenanigans somehow).

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah I'm really digging this series too Goo:)

Somehow you've made me enjoy Azrael a lot more than I did in the 90's, and that's no easy feat.

A series, or even mini, with Damien and Az-Bats as the "modern and gritty" incarnation of Batman and Robin would be like printing gold. DC take notice.

As for a Marvel Alliance-style Batman game, that sir is another brilliant idea. Looks like someone's been eating his Wheaties today:)

No seriously, a game like that would be the perfect companion to the whole Arkham City series. And with a whole roster of the characters you mentioned available, it too would be like printing gold.

More Az-Bats please, with a healthy helping of Damien/Red X.

Oh, and more Doom Idol damnit!

SallyP said...

Wait...this isn't a REAL story? It should be!