Thursday, February 14, 2013

80-Page Thursday: X-Men Universe #7!

Happy Valentine's Day! What would be a good 80-pager for such a holiday? Probably not X-Men Universe #7, featuring stories by Joe Pruett, Alan Davis and Terry Kavanagh, and art by Adam Kubert, Graham Nolan, Alan Davis, and Bernard Chang. Although it does have one good thing going for it...

Like the Spider-Man Universe issue we checked out a while back, this was a collection of X-Men reprints. In this case, it was Uncanny X-Men #378, Cable #77, and X-Men #98. All three were part of the "Ages of Apocalypse" crossover. No, not the "Age of Apocalypse," that was the good one. This was completely fake; a series of alternate pasts and futures generated by Apocalypse, who had just taken over (and presumably killed!) Cyclops and was trying to get the mutants of "the Twelve" to use their powers to recharge him.
In the end, Jean Grey prevents Cable from killing Apocalypse/Cyclops; but Professor X tells her he couldn't sense Cyclops' mind at all. While the other X-Men seem to be doing just fine, Jean leaves the school, while the Professor plans on going into space with mutant Skrulls.
So, not a great one, even if Cyclops dies. Or "dies," since that didn't seem like it was going to stick at all. Unfortunately...

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Dale Bagwell said...

And a happy Valentine's Day to you too Dr.Googenhiem;)

I don't know what a Googum Valentine's Day looks like, but hopefully you're not like those poor bastards that waited until the last minute to get something for their special loved one. Nothing says lovin' like buying jacked up, marked up cheap gifts from a side-walk salesmen/crack-head;)