Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Defenders: Making TV look good...

As typical for the Defenders, one crummy day leads to another: pissed off about Dollar Bill's TV special, which made the heroes, the criminals and the viewing public look like fools; the Foolkiller kidnaps Dollar; who leads him to the Defenders HQ--at the time, Kyle (Nighthawk) Richmond's mansion. Dollar had hoped the Defenders would kick Foolkiller's ass, but so far that hadn't been working out.

Foolkiller's death-ray gun only stuns Valkyrie, but also starts the place on fire. Clea can't put the fire completely out; Hellcat isn't able to put Foolkiller out, but Val comes back to administer him a stout beating about the skull and face.

Meanwhile, the Hulk yells at a whale; and Nighthawk violates a court order and flys over to his now-half demolished home. Upon hearing it was just a guy with a gun, he's a little cheesed off. He also seemingly outs his secret identity, except the news crew seems to think he's Hawkeye.

By the time the Hulk shows up, Nighthawk's disbanded the team; but even the Hulk thought the Defenders was a stupid idea. This does free up Valkyrie and Hellcat to look into what happened to Omega...

From 1979, the Defenders #75, "Poetic Justice" Written by Ed Hannigan, pencils by Herb Trimpe, inks by Mike Esposito.

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