Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Spinrite continues to spin away: I thought it would take about 50 more hours, yesterday; now I don't know. I may have to buy a new drive and put it in, by which I mean buy a new drive and have my girlfriend put it in. (I could do it, but I have to say she'd do a better job!)

Meanwhile, last week I found the new Transformers Kre-O blind-bagged Micro-Changers. Thanks to the decoder from OAFE.net, I was able to grab the two I wanted most straightaway--Rodimus and Cyclonus--then got Iceberg, Sandstorm, and Demolishor next. But I had really wanted Rodimus and Cyclonus, since they are onboard the Lost Light in Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye. I had intended to play with them and do some robots being snarky homemade strips, but may have ported the plot ideas I wanted to use there, to the Deadpool/Nightcrawler space story. Oddly, I still want to write some Megatron strips, though.

Oh, and poor Iceberg isn't in the Autobot assortment above: he turns into a snowplow, and is the only one I've bothered to transform into a vehicle. Sadly, it rained pretty much all of last week, and the snow may be all but gone for this winter. (EDIT: I mean sadly for Iceberg, certainly not for me!)

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Dale Bagwell said...

Can't wait man. The combination of small/little people and snark is irresistible. It just proves that God made midgets not just for our amusement, but his as well;)