Tuesday, March 04, 2014

They should've kept naming ships down the Avengers roster.

I wonder if Marvel will get around to an Essential style reprinting of the older incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but I suppose they may not want to pull focus from the version with the tree and the raccoon. Still, I wanted to take a look at some of their ships, like the U.S.S. Captain America. (This scan was from Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1, story and art by Jim Valentino, inks by Steve Montano.)

I want to say this ship and their next one, Freedom's Lady, were rather Star Trek-styled affairs, especially with the nacelles. But I'm kind of turning an eye to starship design right now. For some reason...

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Dale Bagwell said...

I honestly couldn't tell you why I never got into them. Just not something I ever seemed interested in. Still seems like solid stuff though.

Marvel actually did do some recent publishing of trades of Guardian stuff very recently though.