Sunday, December 28, 2014

"The End" Week: Masters of the Universe #13!

We saw part one earlier this year so why not the last issue conclusion? From 1988, Masters of the Universe #13, "Lifetime, part 2" Written by George Caragonne, art by Ron Wilson, inks by Danny Bulanadi.

After losing his Power Sword to the future, Prince Adam finds himself in the new timeline ruled by Skeletor; as the older Prince Adam, Teela, Clamp Champ and new Man-at-Arms are the last of the resistance. When Teela is captured, the heroes make a last desperate assault on Skeletor's forces, which seems doomed to failure until they find the Power Sword, mounted on a wall like a trophy. Both past and future Adams power up into He-Man, and the future Adam and Skeletor fight to the death as Castle Grayskull collapses around them.

Even with the sword, Adam feels that by neglecting his responsibilities he caused all of this; but he's trapped in the future until Teela finds a spare homing device for the time machine, left by Man-at-Arms just in case. Given a second chance, Prince Adam returns to his time, and to the mantle of He-Man. "He-Man is here to stay!" he proclaims...on the last page of his last Marvel issue. Well, he'd be back in comics later.

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