Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Can I tell you a secret?

I'm not super excited for DC's Convergence or Marvel's Secret Wars. There's a couple maybes in there, but I'm not sure of any I'd go to the comic shop and request pulled; and both events sound like just nightmares for retailers--go read Brian Hibb's Tilting at Windmills on the subject. "Please stock multiple copies of 80-plus titles, on the off chance I may try an issue or two."

If they were one-shots, the number I'd consider would probably go up: take for example Guggenheim and Pacheco's Squadron Sinister. I dig Pacheco's art, and the concept can probably carry 48 pages; but I don't know if I'd even buy a second issue of it. Looking around, I didn't even see a checklist yet. Ennis and Braun's Where Monsters Dwell looks great, but is it a four issue limited? Six? Twelve? An "ongoing" title? Same with Inferno and maybe Years of Future Past.

On the other hand, I am excited for Batroc and Hellcat, both of which I found at a local Wal-Mart the other day! Missed out on Spider-Woman, and I haven't decided yet if I need to pick up the movie-style Cap, Hulk, and Iron Man to build Thanos. I just bought the Marvel Select one a while ago, so we'll see.

Hellcat had just the tiniest drop of blue paint on her chest, but I gave her a jade key thing, that kind of reminded me of the White Tiger pendant things from seventies Marvel books. Did Hellcat have those at some point? I'd have to look it up. Anyway, it was from a McFarlane Twisted Land of Oz Dorothy figure, if memory serves.


Barbecue17 said...

I saw Spiderwoman at my Wal-Mart on Sunday. I went back yesterday to pick up my contact lenses and thought about picking her up for a friend. Someone had scooped her up already, though.

Something tells me she'll be a bit scarce.

Dale Bagwell said...

DAT BATROC!!! You lucky bastard. On both those figures. If I find them, I'm gettimg them all for that BAF Thanos. Sure the Select one's better overall except in articulation

Just not digging that Cap though.

Please god, you have to do a series of Batroc skits highlighting his "uniqueness". He's chessy but in a good way.