Friday, April 10, 2015

"Uncle Creeper."

I wasn't 100% thrilled with this one--too much tell, not enough show. Probably could've used another draft or six. If I worked with an artist, I'm sure I could give him some exciting, pain-in-the-ass to draw description to work with; but I am more limited here. But, still on vacation, although I should be back in the neighborhood on Monday!


Barbecue17 said...

Uncle Creeper. That's pretty funny! I really love the way some of those DCUC figures turned out. They really captured the craziness of the Creeper.

Funny stuff, indeed.

SallyP said...

I have to admit, the Creeper really does creep me out a bit.

But it IS pretty funny.

Dale Bagwell said...

Damn bang up job on this one goo.
I'm an instant lifelong fan of these types of strips. More I tell you, more!

On a side note, I noticed someone repainted a DCUC Creeper hed and used it as the unmasked version of Carnage. Perfect likness!