Friday, August 21, 2015

I'm probably wrecking someone's set. As usual.

I know I've mentioned before how one of the fun things about collecting Nightcrawler merchandise--besides getting the quality goods, that is--is that there's a fairly consistent flow of new items, without having the complete deluge you get following say, Batman or Deadpool or something. So, last week at my local comic shop (conveniently, the Comic Book Shop...) I got the Eaglemoss Nightcrawler White Pawn! I think I've got other Nightcrawler pieces from Eaglemoss, but I'm not getting the whole chess set, just a Nightcrawler. So hopefully I'm not breaking up someone's collection...! (And please excuse the low-even-for-around-here quality pic; I took a few then took the piece to work where a chunk of my Nightcrawler stuff is at my desk!)

Then the other day
Entertainment Earth had a sale on Dark Horse's Nightcrawler Syroco Statue: $17, down from $49.99! Well, I hadn't planned on picking that one up, but I'm not made of stone either. It's an odd thing, part of a small pile of statues released by Dark Horse in the last few years, done in "syroco" style, resembling wood-carved pieces. (Sort of? Perhaps more like, resembling a faux-wood piece created from the base of a wood-carved original, maybe.) Not my favorite sculpture, then; but not without some charm. Although, these were all numbered (and I got #354 of 625! Suck it hard, #355! Whoo!) but I wonder if some collector putting the X-Men set together isn't going to come one short!

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Dale Bagwell said...

Oh what a dick! You bastard! Deriving some poor smuck with OCD and too much time and money on his hands....LOL.

I don't know why, and its probably just me, but those Nightcrawler statuines look a lot like the 1st Generation Toy Biz Nightcrawler figure. The one with the suction cups and bendable tail.