Thursday, August 27, 2015

Taking a day!

I spent a good chunk of the weekend playing with some styrofoam chunks, five dollars worth of discounted paint, and scraps from various boxes; cobbling together new background pieces. Fun, but I haven't taken as much time to read this week.

Also, yesterday I picked up the DC Collectibles Batman: the Animated Series Creeper, and his elbow sheared off right out of the package! Haven't had that happen before. After a couple minutes of working on him, I couldn't fix it and will have to look into exchanging him. A mild disappointment, but should be fixable. Then, I was considering the new Marvel Legends, but someone stole the Rhino Build-a-Figure piece! I don't run into that often, either. Anyway, we should get back to work tomorrow! Hopefully.


SallyP said...

I would imagine that building sets takes up a fair amount of time and imagination. Certainly a bit more effort than simply DRAWING them!

So for purely selfish reasons, I thank you.

Dale Bagwell said...

I'm definitely in agreement with Sally man, wow. See, now I really feel like a slacker when you're going to all that trouble to make new backgrounds. Dammnit man, now I gotta' step it up too....It's all your fault;)

But serioisly though, can't wait to see the new pieces. The ones you just showed look good already.

I've heard a lot of similar complaints/horror stories about those BTAS figures man. Sorry to hear that.

Oh, and funniest and most messed up inentional figure swap return I've seen lately:

A Winter Soldier figure with a C&C DCUC Atom Smasher arm instead of the BAF Mandroid part. Damn, that's some trolling right there. I was actually tempted to bu the figure too, since I could really use that Atom Smasher arm, lol.