Monday, September 28, 2015

I don't think anything like the cover occurs this issue.

Oddly, I know I only got the Julie Schwartz tribute to this issue only recently, but here's a quick look at the original: from 1967, Justice League of America #53, "Secret behind the Stolen Super-Weapons!" Written by Gardner Fox, pencils by Mike Sekowsky, inks by Sid Greene. An oddly dressed inventor has built a matter transporter, which leaves "a reasonable copy" of the original behind, "an operation made necessary by the law of the conservation of matter and energy." That specifically wouldn't work like that; but the inventor is able to steal an antique coin from the Midway City Museum, and Green Arrow's arrows, Batman's utility belt, and Wonder Woman's magic lasso! For good measure, he also has an "animator" ray that he uses to bring to life statues of the doodang, the Monster of Leeds, the Ring-Tailed Roarer, and Paul Bunyan and Babe!

Any of which seems like enough to make a ton of cash without having to steal stuff from superheroes, but the inventor seems afraid of his teleporter's side-effect, a radiation that knocks out GA, WW, Batman and Hawkman and turns them invisible! And the League can't reverse-engineer the inventor's machine, since it was stolen by mobsters, or use Hawkman's radiation-detector...if only they knew someone who had a radiation-detector like his...the Atom points out, they totally do: Hawkgirl!

Who does all the heavy lifting the rest of this story, and should've been added to the JLA immediately. And now I'm wondering if there even is a Hawkgirl, Hawkwoman in the New 52. Maybe after that new TV show...

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Dale Bagwell said...

I think just Hawkwoman as far as the NU52 goes. As for the tv show, wait and see I guess, but I believe she's only going by the name Hawkwoman.

Speaking of, how shitty and lame was it for Fox to leave her out because of the only-one-gimmicked-superhero-can-be-represented-on-the-roster rule?
No doubles allowed. Thankfully they shelved that shit later on, but pretty fucked up huh?