Friday, September 18, 2015

The Hodge and the Podge:

My unread pile is appallingly high, and we haven't even mentioned two I'm in the middle of: a used copy of Essential Spider-Man #8 (which has the Faustus issue we checked out a bit ago) the third DVD set of Batman: the Animated Series ($12.99 at Costco! Get 'em while you can!) and the Humble Bundle Dungeons & Dragons bundle! The latter is pretty great, and I haven't even got to the 1991 Forgotten Realms series yet. Love that one...

The issue of Convergence I picked up was garbage, yet I still picked up a pile of ninety-nine cent crossover issues: Adventures of Superman, Booster Gold, Infinity Inc., Batman and the Outsiders, and the last issue of the Atom. Betting I could probably get at least a few of the Secret Wars limiteds on the cheap later; in fact, got M.O.D.O.K.: Assassin #1 for a buck, too.

I did pick up a great, old figure...that I can't talk about yet, since it's a surprise in an upcoming strip! But I also picked up a few Minimates: the Shanna the She-Devil/Reaper set for $2, and the Walgreens exclusive Star-Lord/Groot/Rocket. And DC Collectibles Pandora for four bucks! Haven't read any comics with her, but worth a look for the price. Oddly, she almost appeared dusty in package: her rubbery cowl and cape have an oily residue on them. It wipes right off, so if you're interested, don't let that stop you.

There's still more in the unread pile I've been meaning to get to for a while: most of Metamorpho: Year One has been waiting for me, and so has the new Baltimore: the Cult of the Red King. Soon...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Nice finds. I've been busy buying up most of the Hulk-Buster wave myself, with the ugly Vision figure being the last one standing....for now I guess. Sigh.

That Metamorpho Year One series is pretty good man. Thanks for sending the ones you did.

Oily residue huh? You sure that's what it is? ;)
She looks like Zealot from the WILDC.A.T.S. 2.0, never really being anywhere as near important as we were led to believe back at the end of Flashpoint. 4 bucks still sounds like you paid too much, but to each his own;)

Can't wait to see who your mystery date is, but it looks like I have no choice;)