Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Did I buy that refrigerator specifically for this kitchen set? Possibly, I can't remember. Meanwhile, or rather since, the Wife bought her own fridge, since I said she was hogging the old one! She likes having her own stuff, and generally needs the newest bestest available; whereas I'm usually content to slog along with whatever old thing. Moreover, even though we go shopping together, we still buy our own groceries, and don't really share food. (Except for a few dishes like peanut chicken, or the stuff she buys and doesn't like and gives me!)

The Wife also loves the stubbly look, and I may actually be allergic to my own stubble. Seriously, I've rubbed my hand on it, and gotten itchy as hell, not sure what's up with that...


Dale Bagwell said...

"And now I'm thinking of her stubble. Don't ruin it for me Val!"
Ha ha, nice.
Sweet refrigerator set? Where'd you get it?
Allergic to your own stubble eh? Interesting. You ever grow out a beard or 'stache?
Early stubble can be irritating as fuck until you let it go for a couple of weeks.
Funny stuff overall man. I always enjoy the stuff with the ladies, especially your interpretation of Satana, Val, Hellcat and of course, Felicia.
One suggestion; since Santana's a booze hound, we need a drinking contest. Pick the best boozers you got and pit 'em against Satana to see who's the last man/woman standing.
Do it!!!!!

SallyP said...

As a woman with three and a half refrigerators (the half is actually a kegerator) I completely approve of your new appliance.

Stubble leaves me fairly indifferent, but I find Patsy's enthusiasm, endearing.

And I am loving Valkyrie.