Friday, September 30, 2016

These try-outs are mature, well-reasoned, and fair; of course they're less fun.

This issue was near the end of the "Threeboot" era, although it looks pretty close to a traditional Legion story, even without the try-outs. From 2009, Legion of Super-Heroes #48, "Enemy Manifest, part 3: the Edge of Doom" Written by Jim Shooter, pencils by Francis Manapul, inks by John Livesay.

A new planet had appeared in the solar system, which I'm pretty sure was the plot of a Godzilla movie, and the aliens living there may know more than they let on. Suspecting trouble, the Legion decides to boost their roster with the traditional try-outs, although they're only testing four potential members here: Turtle, Sizzle, Night Girl, and Gazelle. The Legion had a ton of members, if they wanted more I don't think less than four at a time is enough.

Along with the new recruits, the Legion also votes on whether or not to reinstate the returning Sun Boy. Interestingly, we see the results of the individual voting here: former lone wolf Timber Wolf votes a flat 'no' across the board, for example. Sun Boy is reinstated, Gazelle is inducted, and the rest are offered spots in the new Legion Reserves.

Short one today, but I'm having scanner trouble. See you next week!

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Dale Bagwell said...

How much of Shooter's run did you read? Personally I think his Legion stuff is overrated, and outside of the Korvac Saga, his stuff's safe and boring. Now I think he really shined during his Valiant days though.