Thursday, April 20, 2017

Julia should play the Force Works card, see where that gets her.

I enjoyed the movie Civil War so much, considering how much trepidation I had over it being based on the crossover Civil War, which I hated and still hate. So why not check out an issue dealing with blowback from that, that'll be fun...from 2007, Ms. Marvel #14, "The Deal, part 2" Written by Brian Reed, pencils by Aaron Lopresti, inks by Matt Ryan.

Former Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter, now using the name Arachne, had been on Team Cap during Civil War, and refused to register afterwards. Ms. Marvel and her strike force, Operation: Lightning Storm, had just brought her in, arresting her in front of her daughter; and now Carol was questioning if mmmmmaybe they weren't in the wrong on this one. Talking it over with her boss, Tony Stark, she wonders if Julia didn't deserve more help than she had received; Tony asks if that would be "special favors" but Carol points out they had both gotten out of trouble before by playing the Avengers card. Meanwhile, trying to find her daughter Rachel, an escaped Julia goes after Ms. Marvel's rookie teammate Anya, who smacks her down.

Captured again, Julia is justifiably pissed at Carol and her former West Coast Avengers teammate Wonder Man, but they still help her reunite with Rachel, who was with Julia's parents. Who were pissed at Julia, for bringing the war to their door as it were: they felt she had endangered them all, and should leave Rachel to be raised by them. Instead, with Carol's help, Julia leaves with Rachel. That may cause a custody battle down the road, but Tony had pulled some strings to get Julia onto the new Canadian super-team Omega Flight. Still, Julia is not particularly grateful, and doesn't forgive Carol. Meanwhile, A.I.M. recovers their "DNA bomb" for MODOK...

Man, Julia Carpenter would continue getting the shaft from Marvel, and getting traded to Canada wouldn't even be the worst of it. (And her teammates on Omega Flight? Proud Canadians like Beta Ray Bill and USAgent...hey!) She would later be shifted over to be the new Madame Web for a while in the Spider-Man books, and was blind for at least some of that? She may have still fared better than some other Spider-Women that were killed off, but still. (In fact, I had thought Anya was killed off later, but not yet anyway.) Meanwhile, somehow Carol Danvers is still a fairly likable character, despite Marvel's ongoing efforts. She reminds me a lot of DC's Captain Atom: former military, a bit stricter than other heroes in general, probably more likely to be cast in the authoritarian or bad cop role...


SallyP said...

I actually haven't seen the movie yet, but anything would have been better than Civil War. I pretty much gave up Marvel for quite a few years because of that debacle.

Which is why I can't for the life of me, understand why they would take Cap... who was actually the hero... and make him a Hydra agent, in this years gawdawful major event.

Seriously Marvel, why do you do this stuff?

Dale Bagwell said...

Because they have no good or even just new idea anymore. "The House of Ideas" moniker has been blown to shit over the last 20 years. I mean really, just look at what they've tried over the recent past. Just no. It's why outside of Moon Knight, I give zero fucks about collecting any Marvel (or DC outside of Doom Patrol) comics anymore. The figure of course, are a different matter all together. Goddamn, that plastic crack addiction;)

Anyhoo, yes Julia has really been screwed over by marvel ever since they felt she peaked during her West Coast Avengers' days. That's really the last time she was handled decently. Poor Julia.
"Playing the Force Works card" huh? Not a bad idea, except I think even Tony and the other former members who are still alive are trying to forget that idea ever happened.