Friday, May 05, 2017

There weren't any garbage cans on Nu-Earth...

...otherwise, Rogue could've pulled that Spider-Man walking away panel, in today's book: from 1987, Rogue Trooper #14, "Nort by Nortwest" Written by Peter Milligan, art by Jose Ortiz.

Rogue's biochipped comrades Helm, Bagman, and Gunnar are either playfully ribbing each other to distract and cheer him up; or are generally sick of each other after all their time at war. Finally having enough, Rogue tells them he could do it alone, but Bagman counters with a time they totally saved Rogue's hash.

In the Scum Sea Triangle, after hitting a "Mauve Monsoon" ("Purple Rain!") Rogue loses his memory, and the 'chips have to talk him through a visit to the undersea city of Nu Atlantis, which had been taken by Nort soldiers. With the 'chips guidance, Rogue frees the Atlanteans, who explain the amnesia caused by the purple rain is temporary, but will take away any memory of their city. But that wouldn't work on biochips; Bagman explains they never told Rogue because they thought he would be embarrassed about being such a liability. Rouge does see a plot hole, though:

I first read this story in the larger-sized, nicely colored Judge Dredd's Crime File #1; but neither entry in the GCD seemed to know where it was originally published. Actually, it seemed more curious why it was in a Judge Dredd reprint book, but it might've been the first story I read with Rogue, and it's still a favorite.

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H said...

It actually comes from a 2000 AD annual- the whole thing is the annual actually, repackaged for American sales.