Monday, May 22, 2017

Some time back, we mentioned the Protector, who used to be Marvel Boy, and who I had the action figure of before reading any comics with him in that costume. In the same vein, we saw the Venom: Spaceknight figure briefly here back in February, since I bought it the end of December 2017. His title, Venom: Spaceknight ended with #13 two months prior. I think Eddie Brock even had the symbiote back before the Spaceknight was available; and I have no idea when I got this comic: from 2016, Venom: Spaceknight #6, "Broken Plays, chapter six" Written by Robbie Thompson, art by Ariel Olivetti.

Still in space but solo from the Guardians of the Galaxy, Flash Thompson has been having space adventures, which haven't been going as planned: facing the villain Mercurio, Flash has managed to make an ally out of mercenary Pik Rollo, but Mercurio has taken the Venom symbiote. Flash's narration explains, as a high school football star, and later as a soldier, he specialized in "broken plays," when the plan fails and he has to scramble; but has been trying to change and plan and ask for help when needed. For starters, when Mercurio comes to finish off Flash, the Venom symbiote returns to Flash, all part of their plan. (It also speaks, which I'm not sure I saw much before this series!)

Flash had put together a team of allies, who take apart Mercurio's forces. Mercurio tells Venom they are weaker together, and catches a beating for his backtalk. At the end of the issue, on their ship with their friends (who probably won't be seen again soon) Flash asks the symbiote what it wants to do, and it suggests going forward...but sees its old, tongue-wagging version in a reflection.

Olivetti did the art for DC's Space Ghost a few years back, so it's pretty fitting here.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Kind of seemed like there was so much potential with this series, but for some reason the big wigs wanted to roll everything back to the 90's and reunite Eddie with the symbiote. Wonder how Flash deals with this and how it the separation gets explained.