Wednesday, February 08, 2017


I mentioned this years ago, but I liked how Silver Surfer writer Ron Marz portrayed Galactus as a somewhat disgruntled, put-upon boss. But he's not the boss, is he? While we've seen him interact with Eternity (and maybe Infinity?) I don't know if he's their equal, or rather their subordinate.


Dale Bagwell said...

Interesting philosophical angle. I think Galactus' voice really should be something like Lawrence Fishbourne's, but if he's a "put upon boss" like you say, then I guess Ed Asner then?

Idk if you've been keeping up on recent developments they've made to Galactus, but he's now a life-maker than a life-taker at the moment.

Funny bit with Space Venom though.

SallyP said...

This is insanely fabulous. Kurt really has no problem laying things out, and Venom is a hoot.

CalvinPitt said...

Man, Spider-Man's reaction when Venom shows up with the power cosmic would be something to see.

As to Galactus' place in things, I know when Steve Engelhart wrote Silver Surfer, Galactus was the third part of some trifecta with Eternity and Death. Like those two were opposing forces, and galactus was kind of the wild card that kept things from falling into stalemate/stagnation. I think the Living Tribunal was on the next level up (and the Stranger was some aspect of the Tribunal that rejected being part of them).